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How to save fuel with improved truck and trailer aerodynamics

When running a heavy-duty fleet, there’s no such thing as small savings. Even a seemingly small percentage of fuel economy saved can add up to thousands of dollars and be the difference between a profitable fleet and one that lags behind the competition. That’s why a large variety of aerodynamic products are available to help

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Investing in aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency

Wind resistance is a total drag—literally. Wind resistance is one of the top forces working against the truck as it runs down the road. (The other factors being: grade resistance; tire rolling resistance; and engine accessory and/or drivetrain losses, according to Cummins MPG Guide: “Secrets of better fuel economy”.) Did you know that every 2%

Andersen Flaps expands Eco-flaps splash guards line

Andersen Flaps expanded its Eco-flaps splash guard line with the addition of 27- and 36-in. long splash guards. The new lengths come with the improved Eco-flaps design for an even more aerodynamic splash guard, said the company. Andersen Flaps added that the wide horizontal ribs have been removed to further reduce wind resistance and improve