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Road to AAPEX Ep. 1: An offer no one could refuse

This year, the Big Bosses at AAPEX offered a challenge Babcox Media’s Joe Keene, an ASE-certified technician, couldn’t refuse.

Road to AAPEX 1
Considerations for reconditioned diesel particulate filters

“Reconditioned”, baked or cleaned diesel particulate filters (DPF) units offer short term financial benefit. In terms of  functionality, the overall cost to the customer is much higher. In reality these processes can deactivate the original catalyst and stress the DPF substrate to an even greater extent during normal active regen cycling. Reconditioned units present an

It’s easy to blame the DPF, but what’s causing the aftertreatment problem?

The diesel particulate filter is the whipping boy of the heavy-duty truck aftertreatment system. It can be costly to replace as obvious culprit of fault codes … or maybe a little too obvious. The component can shoulder a lot of the aftertreatment service the blame, but did it really cause it? After all, it’s the

Diesel particulate filter fleet maintenance options and risk assessment

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems will cause an engine to lose power, have a lower fuel economy, cause poor throttle responses and can make a truck’s engine harder to start. These issues can limit engine performance and prevent the truck from moving. When trucks are not in service neither is your business. DPF preventative maintenance

Benefits the customer can expect with Durafit DPFs

As demands for cleaner emissions increase, the designers of diesel aftertreatment systems continue to focus on ways to improve the performance of those systems to remove more particulate matter, and improve the overall efficiency of the filtration installed on the vehicle. Improvements targeted included enhancement of the coating on the substrate to improve chemical reactions

DPF failures and common causes

The truck’s DPF removes diesel soot from the exhaust emissions of a diesel engine, and like any other filter, it slowly gets clogged up with the soot that it traps and if not serviced when required most likely fails. What are the a few key common causes of DPF failure? High Idle Times. High idle

Durafit DPF features and benefits

Manufactured in Hobart, Ind., Durafit is the only vertically integrated DPF manufacturer in the aftermarket. What does that mean? We control the technology, manufacturing process and product performance; Durafit utilizes our own coating designs; state of the art coating process; steel processing; and canning and wielding capabilities. The Durafit DPF features: OEM grade substrate; Advanced catalysts

Advancement in aftertreatment emissions systems increasing quality, performance

Dr. Barry Southward, director of technology for AP Emissions, says that the recent advancements in OEM aftertreatment systems has translated to aftermarket designs as well.

How heavy-duty truck aftertreatment components can impact each other

While the DPF and DOC are the components we typically associate with aftertreatment service issues, improperly maintained aftertreatment systems can lead to a host of other operational issues. “Issues with the emissions system can have a ‘knock-on’ effect on various components in the engine environment,” said Dr. Barry Southward, vice president of catalyst technology for