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Carrier Transicold’s announces enhanced APU offering

It reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions from truck idling.

Thermo King introduces the third-gen. TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit

The company says the third-generation TriPac APU is available in two different models to help customers meet emission regulations.

Thermo King’s donates to Northwest Arkansas Food Bank

Thermo King and its dealer network has been raising money for food banks since the company launched its We Move Food program in 2017. We Move Food is a philanthropic program designed to increase access to fresh, healthy food by reducing waste and supporting nutrition education for families and communities that struggle with hunger and

U.S. Xpress partners with DClimate on Variant fleet APU

U.S. Xpress recently partnered with DClimate, a provider of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) systems, on a new APU system for its new, tech-forward and driver-first Variant fleet. The solution needed to support environmental stewardship by reducing emissions and improve overall operational efficiency, while providing professional truck drivers with a comfortable space for rest and relaxation. Impressive results delivered during extensive testing of DClimate’s Hybrid APU in 2019 led U.S. Xpress to specify DClimate’s system on all new Variant truck

Making truck drivers happy and meeting decarbonization goals

Greater sustainability through decarbonization doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic equipment choices. Electric trucks are viable for some applications today (and growth into other applications is mostly certain), but not every fleet can be a first adopter. Business basics come into play; but that doesn’t mean that you sit on the sustainability sidelines.

Roadwarrior highlights its lithium battery upgrade

Roadwarrior highlights LightningVolt, a plug-and-play upgrade for truck auxiliary power units (APUs) or power inverters. The company says that it is designed to power items such A/C, fridge, microwave, electronics and others without running the engine or a generator. LightningVolt batteries were developed to let drivers use their parked trucks without idling, which negatively impacts

Electric auxiliary power units as truck driver retention equipment

The world has changed. The pandemic has seen to that. Your challenge continues to be ensuring that your truck drivers and equipment operators are safe and comfortable. That means your drivers could spend longer hours sitting in your parked trucks. “Even in our current situation, commerce continues to move; trucks and drivers are on the

Truck Electric auxiliary power unit driver retention equipment carrier
Fontaine to offer installation of eNow solar panel systems

In response to increased fleet demand for the capability to collect and use solar energy to power auxiliary power units, Fontaine Modification Fleet Services now offers installation of solar panel systems from eNow Solar Energy Solutions at all of its modification centers. Fontaine’s Statesville, N.C., location recently upfitted 26 sleeper trucks with the panels, which

Don’t sit idly by: Putting idle reduction solutions to work saving money, retaining drivers

Trucks are made to be in motion. When efficiency is judged by MPG, the truck’s worst fuel efficiency is when the truck sits still. Idling burns fuel and can lead to increased maintenance issues. That’s why a number of idle reduction solutions are gaining ground with fleet managers aiming to lower diesel usage costs and

Truck Idle Reduction Equipment money
Tips for spec’ing sleeper cab APUs

Idling engines affect our environment and our energy supply in several ways. A large, gas-fueled engine, for example, consumes as many as 8 gal. of fuel for every hour that it idles. In a single year, such an engine consumes 2,400 gal. of fuel. An idling engine also generates as much as 21 tons of

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