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Nine Lives on the Road: How Sensor Technology Provides Commercial Drivers a Second Chance

There are two types of people in the world: those who are determined to be the first to embrace emerging trends and those who wait for the craze to prove its worth before pouncing on it. When safety technology was first introduced to modern vehicles, the dealers and manufacturers of the commercial industry proved to

Behind the Wheel: Uncovering the Rigorous Testing Process for Commercial Vehicle Safety Equipment

Ensuring the safety of commercial vehicles is paramount in the transportation industry. With driver safety and durable equipment in mind, leading electronic equipment manufacturer ASA Electronics has implemented a meticulous and rigorous testing process for its safety systems. The testing process adheres to the DOT, SAE, and ISO industry standards, constantly updating safety systems to

The Commercial Fleet Safety Tech Evolution: Don’t Get Left Behind

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it’s no surprise that the Commercial Fleet Industry is rethinking its safety features for the future.  But as with all good things, the process is slow and as steady as the turtle who wins the race. As much as manufacturers might begin to improve fleet vehicle safety

Commercial Fleet Industry: Past, Present, and Yet to Come

In the past, safety solutions were often viewed as an unnecessary luxury in the commercial fleet industry. “Don’t have it; don’t need it” was a common phrase and is still one that many owners and manufacturers might say today. There was no rush to install a high-end safety system when the mirrors and reverse alerts

New Technology for Drivers Can Help Prevent Common Accidents

In the late 1990s, ASA Electronics was approached by one of our fleet customers following a fatal truck accident to help them develop a product that would prevent future accidents. The customer reviewed and tested three different safety options and ultimately decided to implement Voyager video technology on their vehicles. In the first year, this

ASA Electronics to pursue claims for fraud against Lippert Components and Vince Smith

ASA Electronics seeks to pursue claims for fraud and punitive damages against Lippert and Vince Smith. ASA Electronics says this past October, the Elkhart Circuit Court issued a 28-page preliminary injunction order against Lippert and Smith after Smith allegedly misappropriated ASA’s trade secrets and used those trade secrets while working for Lippert. After the preliminary

House Of Representatives Allows Media Rare View Of House Chamber
ASA Electronics releases 7-inch Voyager monitor

ASA Electronics has introduced the Voyager VOM718 7-in. LCD Observation Monitor. The VOM718 is a direct replacement for the AOM713 7-in. LCD Observation Monitor. The company says the new monitor is compatible with all Voyager cameras and has three camera inputs. Common configurations include a rear camera with two side body cameras for blind spot

Gallery: News and photos from Work Truck Show 2020

Fleet Equipment visited the 20th anniversary of the annual NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis to catch up on all the latest news and equipment from the medium-duty, vocational and construction segments. Check out photos and all the news from the show below. Cummins displayed its medium-duty B6.7 and L9 engines, both of which will

ASA Electronics introduces auto-calibrating 360-degree camera system

ASA Electronics has introduced its new Voyager auto-calibrating 360-degree camera system. The auto-calibrating software combines the images from four cameras to create a seamless panoramic view around the entire vehicle, the company says. The system was designed to simplify the installation process, with current software support for four common vehicle types: Walk-in, vans, buses, semi-trailers

ASA Electronics introduces Voyager rear light camera combo

Voyager has released the VCAHD140LB Light Bar Camera, which combines an additional rear light bar with an analog high definition camera.

ASA Electronics introduces six-channel rear sensor system

ASA Electronics has introduced the Voyager CVPS19 Rear Sensor System, a proximity sensor system that offers six-channel capability. The CVPS19 system comes standard with four sensors to be installed along the rear bumper or body of the vehicle. Two additional sensors can be added to the base system to detect obstructions along the roofline like

ASA Electronics introduces new Voyager camera

ASA Electronics is adding the VCMS20B full color camera to its line of heavy-duty Voyager observation equipment. According to the company, the VCMS20B uses a 1/3-in. CMOS sensor and 19 LED lights to help deliver a high-quality, full-color image even in low-light conditions. Other features include aluminum housing that is corrosion resistant with an IP69K waterproof rating