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ERoad, Tranztec partner to expand transportation management capabilities

The partnership will further EROAD’s existing capabilities to facilitate communication with motor carriers and freight brokers.

EROAD Tranztec Partnership
Overhaul launches Asset Manager to increase visibility, optimize fleet management

Overhaul, a software-based, supply-chain risk-management solution, has recently unveiled the latest addition to its product portfolio, Asset Manager, a new offering that provides real-time asset and in-yard visibility, enabling greater control over assets that are both in-transit or stationary. The new offering leverages real-time data to empower warehouse, yard and fleet management teams to make better business decisions

Buying trucks with resale in mind

“A quality, premium-spec’d truck is going to command higher resale value and helps a truck stand out on a dealership’s lot,” begins Anthony Gansle, marketing manager of on-highway products for Peterbilt. “In addition to greater resale value and desirability, running high-content trucks provide fleets with numerous cost-saving advantages that factor into the total return on

Mack Pinnacle Axle Forward Rawhide Edition
Where to buy pre-owned trucks

Angelique Pierce, manager of marketing and pricing for Daimler Trucks Remarketing, states, “At SelecTrucks, the majority of our Freightliner trucks were originally operated by the most successful mega-fleets in North America. Thus, the trucks in our inventory have been spec’d for optimum fleet performance and field-tested for proven reliability.” “While the first owner specs the

The connected truck in a wireless world

Connectivity in a wireless world extends to vocational markets as well. In early June, at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC), Pacific Gas & Electric and some of its key suppliers introduced a “connected” bucket truck that among other things features Internet connectivity via a mobile hot spot. Developed in partnership with Altec Inc.

IT Asset Management
Understanding and reducing engine idling has huge effects on the bottom line

Idling might not seem like a big deal. If you’re not using it, switch it off; it’s a simple message. But the reality is more complicated than that and any parent who has tried to communicate the “switch off the light” message can understand why. A child doesn’t appreciate the cost of leaving the light

Inoperable truck lighting attracts the wrong kind of attention

Having an inoperable vehicle lamp is like waving a red flag and just asking to be pulled over. Lamp failures are easy to spot, even from afar, and while a vehicle is stopped for the lighting infraction, a more thorough CSA roadside inspection will likely happen. Hours may lapse before a vehicle gets back on

Avoiding CSA citations

Fewer Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations means less time and money wasted. Fleets that have good CSA scores are less likely to have their trucks stopped for additional inspections. Additionally, trucks that break down less often make delivery schedules easier to manage and eliminate added costs for rentals and spare vehicles or for rerouting other

Avoiding CSA citations
Maximizing equipment investments: making the right purchase/lease decisions

Controlling equipment costs is always top of mind for fleets. Whether fleets lease or buy, spec’ing and maintaining equipment for resale—and—choosing the right financial and/or leasing partner is the key to optimizing investments. According to Patrick Gaskins, group vice president financial services, CTP AmeriQuest Financial Services, “Trailer specifications are evolving just as rapidly as tractor

Electronic DVIRs, who works for whom?

With all the “i” devices on the market—iPod, iPad, iPhone—and other tablets and smartphones, the world of instant data is make information more accessible than ever.  It almost seems as though the way we get the data is more exciting than its content. In fact, it can be mindless to get a text or email,

Electronic DVIRs who works for whom
Cadec and ORTEC to provide integrated solutions

Under a new agreement, global supply chain software provider ORTEC will be a reseller of the Cadec Global PowerVue fleet management solution. PowerVue is an SaaS-based platform with in-cab hardware.

VDO RoadLog website optimized for mobile devices

A new user portal on the VDO RoadLog website from Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now provides access capabilities from a variety of mobile devices. New educational videos have also been added to the refreshed edition of the site.