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Investing in aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency

Wind resistance is a total drag—literally. Wind resistance is one of the top forces working against the truck as it runs down the road. (The other factors being: grade resistance; tire rolling resistance; and engine accessory and/or drivetrain losses, according to Cummins MPG Guide: “Secrets of better fuel economy”.) Did you know that every 2%

ATDynamics TrailerTail Technology approved for Canadian provinces

ATDynamics announced that on Oct. 1, 2014, Canada’s Ministers of Transportation and Highway Safety approved an amendment to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions (MOU) which will allow full length, maximum efficiency TrailerTails to operate within all Canadian Provinces. The MOU serves to harmonize vehicle weight and dimension regulations within the

ATDynamics offers combination aerodynamic equipment packages

ATDynamics announced that in response to President Obama’s recent orders for tighter fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, it will offer trucking fleets aerodynamic equipment combination packages that have been tested at the Auto Research Center (ARC) wind tunnel in Indianapolis, Ind. to deliver 9.6, 10.6 and 11.2% fuel savings. “The technologies exist today to

ATDynamics projects 200,000 TrailerTails deployed by 2017

ATDynamics projects that based on current industry adoption rates, trucking fleet customers are expected to deploy over 200,000 ATDynamics TrailerTails by 2017. North American fleets are on track to order 50,000 TrailerTails by the end of 2014 as projected by ATDynamics in 2011. More than 350 U.S. trucking fleets have deployed ATDynamics patented TrailerTail technology in

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