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What does OEM approval mean for transmission fluids?

By Darryl Purificati, Sr. Technical Advisor, OEM/Automotive at HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties, which includes the Petro-Canada Lubricants brand Transmission fluids are some of the most complex driveline fluids and are formulated differently depending on the transmission they will be used in. They perform a range of functions such as lubrication, heat dissipation, wear protection and

Automatic transmission fluid requirements

For several years, members of the S.14 Study Group (light- and medium-duty vehicles) of the TMC have requested a single automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for use in their various fleet vehicles. Now, I’ll explain why OEMs can’t give fleets what they have requested. To begin with, it’s currently not possible due to all the different

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Trending truck equipment: Tracking the hottest industry trends

Last month, the Fleet Equipment team set off on a whirlwind trade show schedule that put us at three different shows in four weeks—the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind., the TMC Annual Meeting in Nashville and finally, the big one, the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. Spend even a couple minutes walking

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Rise of the automatic and automated manual transmissions?

With the growing popularity of automatic and AMT transmissions, and the focus on fuel efficiency, what will become of the tried and true manual transmissions? “As the driver pool becomes less experienced, I think we’ll continue to see some transition to automation, but there will always be a good place for manual transmissions in the

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Automatic and automated manual transmissions can improve fuel efficiency

Pouring over specs, investigating equipment options and analyzing your equipment usage, you work hard to build the most efficient, dependable trucks for your fleet. You carefully take stock of your business needs and build a truck to exceed those expectations, calculating costs and mitigating equipment risks. And then you put that perfectly spec’d machine into

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