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Peterbilt now offering PACCAR 20k, 22k standard track axles

Peterbilt announced the availability of the standard track configuration of the PACCAR 20k and 22k Steer Axle in Peterbilt trucks beginning this May. PACCAR’s heavy-duty steer axles are available on Models 567, 520, 389, 367, 365 and 348 and are available with either disc or drum brakes and allows for a turning radius of up

Let’s talk downspeeding: how it works

Any on-highway truck you spec today will likely employ downspeeding to some degree. Engine downspeeding is enabled through faster axle ratios that allow the engine to maintain a lower RPM—thus saving fuel—while still providing the necessary power to the axle. Axle ratio is written as a ratio, such as 2.16:1. But what does 2.16:1 mean?

The downspeeding lowdown

Remember that most modern powertrains utilize some degree of downspeeding. Here’s a quick refresher on downspeeding details.

How the latest axle technology integrates into powertrains

If the engine is the heart of your powertrain and the transmission is the shifting brains behind the operation, then the axle is the muscle, propelling your truck down the highway. While the engine and transmission get much of the spotlight, the axle plays a key role in increasing efficiency—in both proprietary powertrains and those

The importance of keeping your axle vents in good condition

Axle vents are something few people ever think about, but they play an important role in keeping the axle in operating condition. Axles generate a lot of heat running down the road. As the axle increases in temperature, the air pressure inside the axle likewise increases. To accommodate the increase in air pressure resulting from

Kenworth T270, T370 offer Dana Spicer S140 single-drive axles

The Kenworth T270 and T370 are now available with the Dana Spicer S140 series of single-reduction, single-drive axles, ranging from 16,000-lb. to 21,000-lb. gross axle weight rating. According to Dana, the four S140 series axles are designed to handle a wide range of applications and feature broad ratio coverage from 3.31 to 6.50, allowing maximum

Power source: The importance of axles in hybrid and electric trucks

Electrification is the story of the year in the trucking world. From Cummins to Fuso to Chanje to Tesla, serious moves were made by various OEMs to begin the process of bringing what was previously a theoretical concept to the real world. No one can deny that electrification is coming. With new priorities for OEMs

Freightliner Trucks, Hendrickson partner on liftable forward tandem axle

Freightliner Trucks has partnered with Hendrickson to offer a Hendrickson OPTIMAAX 6×2 liftable forward tandem axle exclusive to the new Freightliner Cascadia. The new OPTIMAAX design will help carriers with diminishing loads, like bulk haulers and delivery vehicles that may have empty back hauls after carrying items such as groceries, livestock, beverages and fuel, Freightliner

Nikola, Bosch team up to develop electric truck powertrain

Nikola Motor Co. announced plans to bring the Nikola One and Two, a class 8 hydrogen-electric truck lineup, to market by 2021. According to Nikola, the truck will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 ft./lbs. of torque all with “zero local emissions.” At the heart of the Nikola truck lineup is a new commercial

Kenworth T370 now available with factory-installed heavy front drive axles

The Kenworth T370 is now available with factory-installed 18,000- and 20,000-lb. front drive axles. The new offering is targeted for heavy utility services, construction, municipalities, fire and rescue and other specialty applications, the company said. The Kenworth T370 offers the Fabco FSD-18A and FSD-20A front drive axles paired with a Fabco TC-548 transfer case for

Inside axle ratios: Detailing the range of downspeeding options

Any on-highway truck you spec today will likely employ downspeeding to some degree. The sources within this story all agree that the majority of trucks today are putting faster ratios on the road. It’s a trend being driven by increased powertrain innovation and integration, with automated manual and automatic transmissions playing a key role in

Tire choices for 6×2 axle configurations

While adoption of 6×2 axle configurations in over-the-road applications has lagged behind industry expectations—largely because of unexpected challenges and consequences in making the switch to 6×2 configurations, as well as lower-than-expected fuel prices making such a switch less of a money saver—there is still significant interest among fleets in making such a switch. And those

Heavy Duty Truck 6x2 axle