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Truck battery buying tips

So, you’ve determined you need a new truck battery. Well, wait a second, let’s start here: Are you sure you need a replacement, or can it simply be recharged? Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: OK, obviously you probably know if your

Lightning eMotors announces strategic EV battery partnership

Lightning eMotors, provider of medium- and heavy-duty specialty commercial electric vehicles, has reached an agreement to supply battery products produced by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL). The two-year agreement with CATL distributor Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI) provides Lightning eMotors with additional optionality around form factor. According to the company, having several battery size and

Proterra announces EV battery factory in South Carolina

Proterra Inc. has announced plans to open a new EV battery system manufacturing plant in South Carolina to produce the company’s battery systems for Proterra Powered customers’ commercial electric vehicles, including delivery and work trucks, industrial equipment, buses, and more. Proterra has committed to a minimum investment of at least $76 million, with additional investments

The biggest truck component stories of 2021

If you’re reading this the day we posted it–Merry Christmas! You’re probably at a family gathering scrolling on your phone and avoiding eye contact with that one family member you’ve ducked thus far. Well, put on your best serious face to show that you’re really into what you’re reading and get ready to have your

Truck battery preventative maintenance checklist to avoid no-starts

Beyond those mentioned in our feature story about how to keep batteries in good shape for the winter, many of the battery maintenance steps you need to take should occur long before that season. It all goes back to that summer heat issue. According to Jeff Barron, lab manager/engineering and tech. services for Interstate Batteries,

How proper truck battery maintenance can help avoid winter catastrophe

Among the many truck components that fall victim to the harsh winter, one of the most prominent is the battery. No-starts, freezing: it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that a dead battery is a death sentence for that truck’s uptime and productivity. Contrary to what many believe, the time to avoid winter’s effects on the

EnerSys introduces Odyssey Pro batteries

EnerSys has introduced Odyssey Pro batteries, which the company says are engineered with an advanced carbon additive for more reserve capacity (up to 10%) and longer cycle life. According to the company, the batteries feature Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to provide performance and long-lasting power for a variety of vehicle applications, including heavy-duty. TPPL technology

How lithium power can boost uptime and productivity

If you’re a fan of comic books, you’re no doubt familiar with the adage, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But when it comes to the trucking industry and the potential of combining lithium-ion and solar technologies, the axiom is, “With great power comes great reliability.” Many fleets are seeking power solutions that represent clean

EnerSys Odyssey battery portfolio now includes NorthStar product line

EnerSys, manufacturer of Odyssey batteries, has expanded its Odyssey battery brand portfolio to now include products formerly sold under the NorthStar battery brand. As a result of the portfolio expansion, all NorthStar batteries for transportation applications will now be sold under the Odyssey battery brand. The expanded portfolio includes Odyssey Performance batteries; Odyssey Extreme batteries;

Roadwarrior highlights its lithium battery upgrade

Roadwarrior highlights LightningVolt, a plug-and-play upgrade for truck auxiliary power units (APUs) or power inverters. The company says that it is designed to power items such A/C, fridge, microwave, electronics and others without running the engine or a generator. LightningVolt batteries were developed to let drivers use their parked trucks without idling, which negatively impacts

Watch: Summer heat is the real killer of truck batteries

If you want to avoid dealing with dead battery headaches when the weather gets cold, you need to focus on your battery maintenance and service processes as the mercury rises. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: There’s an old adage in the

Podcast: Thermo King on the challenges and potential benefits of electrification

Electrification: it’s all the rage right now. OEMs are talking about it, component suppliers are talking about it, fleets are talking about it, and we’re certainly talking about it here on Fleet Equipment. There is a lot of excitement in the air, but also a lot of questions. And this was the subject of a