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Automated, automatic transmissions & integrated powertrains

Delivering fuel to gas stations throughout northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas, Fleet Transit’s fleet of 50 tractors is faced daily with some of the nation’s heaviest stop and go traffic. The company was looking for ways to lower maintenance costs, eliminate driveline problems and increase fuel economy, notes Ken Glover, maintenance supervisor. It also wanted to improve safety and enhance driver recruitment and retention.

Warranty administration & contract maintenance

Effective warranty administration, says Derek Messulam, vice president of channel sales at Decisiv, starts with an understanding of warranty coverage going into a service event.

Trailer update

What you need to know about used trailer programs, doors and floors.

TPMS: keep up the pressure

Today’s tire pressure monitoring systems manage air pressure and much, much more.

Lightweight components

Trailer manufacturers offer advice on how to best optimize weight and payload capacity

Brakes & friction

Buying heavy-duty brakes for optimum stopping distance.

Reman components

As fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman components are becoming more popular.

SmartWay spec’ing for tires and trailers

The U.S. EPA has evaluated fuel saving benefits of various vehicles, systems and components. The result is a continually updated list of SmartWay Verified Technologies, including tires and aerodynamic devices.

Idling reduction

An overview of technologies designed to help fleets reduce idling of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Drivetrain components: Axles, suspensions and u-joints

A number of factors are impacting axle choices by fleets, including the need for lighter weight configurations, direct or overdrive transmission choices, faster axle ratios, pending engine changes including higher torque ratings, and in some cases, lower cruise speeds.

Fleet equipment financing

Financing, spec’ing for drivers and using technology to streamline lease check-in.

Selecting hubs & wheel ends

Choose the options that increase reliability and reduce downtime