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Double importance: Proper tire inflation is especially important for duals

If you’re running duals on your trailers, inflation becomes, if you’ll pardon the pun, doubly important. With dual tires working so closely together, it becomes absolutely vital that they are running at the same inflation level or very close to it, or the results can be catastrophic.

How to avoid truck parts failure ‘gotchas’

Fleets and drivers can prevent key air system and brake components from failing due to improper maintenance practices, helping to keep vehicles on the road and in good operating condition.

Actively reducing risk: Taking stock of the safety systems available for medium-duty trucks

In medium-duty commercial operations, safety systems are becoming more important and prevalent as fleets seek to reduce the risk of their trucks being involved in accidents, to improve the safety of drivers and to potentially lower insurance costs.

Bendix launches retrofit upgrade program for driver assistance technologies

Bendix’s commercial vehicle safety technologies are now available through a retrofit upgrade program.

Protecting tire PSI: Adding TPMS, ATIS, TiS helps protect your investment

Fleet managers are well aware of the importance of proper tire inflation to protect tires. Many are earlier adopters of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and/or automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS or TIS). Choosing the right systems for each application is important part of protecting your investment, but which one to choose? Picking the right

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Peterbilt adds TPMS to Model 587

The Bendix SmarTire TPMS is available for Peterbilt’s cab-and-sleeper Model 587. “TPMS provides operators with real-time, on-demand tire status that helps ensure peak performance and can give the operator early warning before potential tire failure,” said Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt chief engineer. “The TPMS display is integrated with the vehicle’s main instrument cluster for convenient, quick

Top brake questions, answered

The No. 1 job of truck brakes is safety; within that application, there’s more than one way to stop a truck. Drums have been the brake of choice for many trucks, but air disc brakes (ADBs) continue to gain popularity in nearly all heavy-duty on-road applications. “Current [ADB] market penetration is in the 12% to

Peterbilt offers TPMS on models 579, 567

The Bendix SmarTire tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is available for Peterbilt’s models 579 and 567, the company recently announced. The TPMS system monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on the vehicle in real time and will warn the operator of potential problems. The system helps operators keep tires properly inflated, which improves

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Kenworth adds Bendix front and rear air disc brakes as option

Kenworth Truck Co. announced that factory-installed Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes are now available for new Kenworth T370 medium-duty conventional trucks. The Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes have a two-pin floating caliper design that provides a more stringent overall dimension accuracy and consistent force distribution. According to Bendix, the ADB22X design also

Kenworth adds Bendix air disc brakes option for T370 medium-duty conventional

Kenworth Truck Co. announced that factory-installed Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes are now available for new Kenworth T370 medium-duty conventional trucks. “Fleets and truck operators purchasing new Kenworth T370s can now benefit from the automotive-like feel, lightweight design, ease of maintenance and superior performance offered by Bendix front and rear air disc brakes,”

Kenworth Adds Bendix Front and Rear Air Disc Brakes