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BendPak releases AP Series two-post car lift for EVs

BendPak introduces its AP Series – the next generation of two-post lifts with patent-pending features designed to make lifting internal combustion and electric cars, trucks and vans safer, easier and more efficient, the company says. The AP Series features a revolutionary swing arm design that offers both greater under-vehicle clearance and better extension and retraction to enable

Tech Tip: Don’t strike out when choosing a tire changer

Whether you’re buying a tire changer for the first time or are replacing existing equipment, it’s important to do some work upfront to make sure you get a shop MVP instead of one that will get sent down to the minors. There are three common mistakes people make when choosing a tire changer. Take some

Help your truck technician team keep their cool this summer

As the global climate changes, many parts of the country are experiencing longer and more intense heat waves. Areas where working outside or in an open service bay may have been pleasant or only occasionally hot in the past are now suffering from increasingly severe heat events. When temperatures get high, people can overheat and

Tech Tip: How often is lift maintenance needed?

Even the most rugged, low-maintenance lifts need attention from time to time. Give your lift a once-over every day before you use it, check the safety devices, operating controls, lift arms and all moving parts to make sure everything is functioning properly. Look for breakage, excessive wear or other conditions that may affect its performance.

Tech Tip: Be your own cable guy

When was the last time you checked the cables on your shop’s lifts? If you answered “today,” good for you! Cables are one of the things you should check before using your lift every day. In this article, we’ll explore how to maintain your lift cables or “wire ropes,” how to look for damage, and

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting your two-post lift

Your lift is critical to the operation and profitability of your business. If it stops working correctly, it’s costing you money. Let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot some common issues and get your lift back to work. Remember to check your owner’s manual for details about your specific lift. Lift won’t raise If

Tech Tip: Ten tips for daily brake lathe maintenance

Like any equipment, your brake lathes need regular care and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Keep your brake lathe running smoothly by following these 10 daily tips.  Important: Before making any inspection, adjustment or repair, disconnect the power source and lock out all moving parts to prevent injury. Always wear protective clothing and eye

Tech Tip: Eight steps for proper transmission jack maintenance

Installing a new transmission or removing the old one can be a challenge without a properly working transmission jack. These powerful, multitask lifting systems are essential in most repair shops.  However, transmission jacks can only do their jobs if they are properly maintained, regularly inspected for damage and used correctly. Here are eight tips for

Tech Tips: Five tips to keep your floor jacks from getting jacked up

Most well-made floor jacks will have a long service life in the shop if they are properly maintained. Like all equipment, floor jacks should be inspected regularly for damage and kept clean. The owner’s manual is the best source for specific recommendations on lubrication, when to change the hydraulic fluid and other maintenance requirements.  The

BendPak acquires assets from Garage Equipment Supply, Inc.

BendPak Holdings announced that it has acquired certain assets, including related intellectual property rights, from Garage Equipment Supply, Inc. and its related intellectual property holding company. The acquired assets include three brands: Dannmar, MaxJax, and Garage Equipment Supply. “BendPak and Dannmar’s portfolios of products are well-aligned and dovetail nicely in BendPak’s overall product offerings,” said

BendPak to begin construction on new facility in early 2018

BendPak Inc. is set to expand with a new 50,000-plus sq. ft. facility. This is the second expansion announcement by BendPak this year, following the grand opening of its California warehouse in March. According to BendPak management, this is the next step in a long series of expansions and updates that will be revealed throughout the