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The biggest truck technology stories of 2021

If it’s difficult getting microchips here in the States, I can’t imagine the supply chain nightmare it must be for elves in the North Pole. The jolly old elf and his crew may not be immune to the strains plaguing the transportation industry, but the show must go on. And just as truckers keep on

The biggest truck service stories of 2021

You never know what service need is going to roll into your shop. The same is true for service content this year, where it runs the gamut of tried-and-true aftertreatment and engine issues (*shudder*) to the impact electric vehicles will have in the shop and the continued development data-driven service solutions that push us ever

The biggest medium-duty truck stories of 2021

What truck classification do you give Santa’s sleigh? Based on the weight of the world’s gifts alone, it’s tempting to hop straight to Class 8, but I think Santa’s got some magic elf nonsense that makes weight a non-issue. If we use application as a clue, he’s kind of on the longest last-mile route there

The biggest heavy-duty truck equipment stories of the year

I’m going to do something surprising. This list will not feature any electric truck headlines, despite the topic owning 2021 headlines. It’s not that I’m turning a blind eye to it. My counterpart in content crime, Mr. Sickels, named decarbonization as the Fleet Equipment’s Truck Equipment Trend of the Year last week. It’s more than