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Twenty Blue Bird electric school buses hit the road in Boston

Blue Bird’s zero-emission buses now transport over 2,500 students to and from 42 local-area schools every day.

Blue Bird takes aim at the last-mile delivery segment with Class 5 to 6 Electric Chassis

The commercial vehicle market is constantly growing and changing, with electrification being at the forefront of the future. Basic industry standards are having to adapt to electrification and one of those things is chassis.  Like many things in the industry, an electric chassis has to make alterations to cater to batteries rather than engines. As

Blue Bird unveils Class 5-6 electric vehicle chassis

Blue Bird Corporation unveiled a Class 5-6 electric vehicle platform at ACT Expo in Long Beach, California. The company is expanding its zero-emission transportation solutions to the commercial vehicle market. Blue Bird’s Class 5-6 chassis will enable a broad range of fully-electric vehicles, including last-mile delivery step vans, motorhomes, and other specialty vehicles. Due to