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DuraClass introduces new dump body line

DuraClass introduced its redesigned HPT “Tub” body line. The line has been redesigned to meet all heavy-duty dump body needs, according to the company. The HPT-B1 features a closed fender design, and comes in 14- to 18-ft. lengths in either carbon or stainless steel. The HPT-B1 features capacity ranges from 10- to 20-yards. The HPT-B2

Johnson showcases latest refrigerated truck bodies

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies showcased its Guardian Series and its new Alpine refrigerated truck body line. The Guardian addresses fleet sustainability initiatives with a truck body that will carry a typical day’s product load without adding any unnecessary weight, said Johnson. Built with home delivery and food service fleets in mind, the Guardian offers “unparalleled

Crysteel Manufacturing offers multi-function tailgate

Crysteel Manufacturing is offering the High ‘N Slide multi-function tailgate as a special feature available through the Crysteel Select dump body program. The High ‘N Slide tailgate offers traditional dump-through, sliding and high-lift functionality in a single tailgate, according to the manufacturer. Through a simple mechanical adjustment, the tailgate switches from high-lift, with 21-in. of

Rugby Manufacturing redesigns Rancher truck bodies

Rugby Manufacturing recently redesigned its Rancher body for work trucks. Rugby Manufacturing’s Rancher truck bodies are designed for durability, performance and style, according to the company. The new design features a narrower, tapered bulkhead and a B&W Turnoverball hitch that allows a flat surface with no cutouts in the floor. The Rancher is built with

Freightliner highlights new options for 122SD truck

Freightliner Trucks showcased several new options for its 122SD truck. The flagship of the Freightliner severe-duty line of vocational trucks, the 122SD is ideal for heavy, oversized loads, and can be configured for a variety of severe-duty options, including oil/gas field services, concrete mixing, specialty/heavy-haul, crane, dump and towing/recovery, said the company. The new options

Johnson Truck Bodies showcases latest equipment advances

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies (JRTB) showcased its line of refrigerated truck bodies at the 2015 NTEA Work Truck Show in the Indiana Convention Center, including a lightweight, three-temperature-zone Guardian composite truck body built to serve the growing market for home and B2B deliveries. The specially designed truck body is mounted on a Ford F-550 chassis

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies
Hino Trucks adds Class 4 model to medium-duty lineup

Hino Trucks announced the addition of a Class 4 155 Model to its product offering during the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. With the addition of the 155 Model, Hino now offers product ranging from Class 4 through Class 7. The 155 Model has a GVWR of 14,500 lbs. and is powered by Hino’s

Hino Trucks Class 4 launch
Cabovers address challenges unique to pick-up and delivery operations

Pick-up and delivery (P&D) companies often have two challenges that fleets in other vocations don’t share to the same degree. First, delivery locations often involve congested, urban routes. Secondly, businesses that use trucks for P&D operations don’t always employ dedicated drivers.

Crysteel Manufacturing redesigns dump body

Crysteel Mfg. unveiled the newly redesigned A-Tipper Aluminum dump body. The Crysteel A-Tipper has been redesigned with minimum welds, innovative features and a modern aerodynamic design, said the company. The Crysteel A-Tipper is designed for contractors and municipalities that need strength, durability and lightweight efficiency, according to Crysteel. The A-Tipper offers strength and added safety with

Pride Bodies showcases aluminum work truck bodies

Pride Bodies LTD, a North American supplier of service bodies used in the construction, municipal and service industries, has achieved a 200-lb., weight reduction in its mechanics bumper using aluminum in lieu of steel. According to the company, aluminum reduces weight, fuel costs and provides a material that will withstand the ravages of salt and

Cabover offerings for medium-duty vocational fleets

While cabover engine (COE) style trucks are rarely if ever seen in on-highway trucking operations, they are considered effective by many local and regional medium-duty operations. Highly maneuverable in tight spaces and offering exceptional visibility and maneuverability, COEs are the vehicle of choice for a range of vocations, including pick-up and delivery, lease and rental,

Crysteel Manufacturing offers Select custom dump bodies

Crysteel Manufacturing allows customers to design their own Select custom dump body without incurring the extra cost and time normally associated with custom designed products, according to the company. Select dump bodies are available in traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, in sizes ranging from five through 20-cu. yd. capacities. Further options are available for