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Bosch introduces RevX dispatcher optimization tool

Aiming to reduce the number of empty miles driven, Bosh says RevX enables fleets to maximize revenue by efficiently booking optimal loads.

Bosch starts volume production of its fuel-cell power module

By 2030, Bosch plans to generate sales of roughly $5.3 billion with hydrogen technology.

Bosch ESI[truck] 2021/4 software update offers a truck-ton of new tests and codes

Bosch has announced the 2021/4 software update for the 3824A ESI[truck] Heavy Duty Diagnostic Solution. Thousands of new tests and codes have been added to help technicians provide the most up-to-date service on hundreds of commercial vehicles, including includes new makes and models that can be serviced, such as Navistar MaxxForce engines, Mack TCM Transmission,

Dana, Bosch reach fuel cell manufacturing agreement

Dana and Bosch have announced the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement to mass produce metallic bipolar plates for fuel-cell stacks. Dana says its licensed intellectual property will serve as the foundation for the companies to co-develop and co-produce the metallic bipolar plates, an integral component in the fuel cell stack. Bosch says its fuel cell

Diagnosing codes on heavy-duty vehicles

Codes are not complex. They are set when the data from a sensor or component falls outside of the normal operating parameters. Also, codes can be set when the control module detects an implausible input or result for a given situation. This is often referred to as the “criteria” for setting the code. All codes

TomTom, Bosch, Daimler collaborate on ADAS

Trucks use TomTom’s ADAS map and Bosch’s electronic horizon to automate driving functions on highways and, in Europe, on inter-urban roads.

Bosch touts freight efficiency innovations

At NACV, Bosch showcased its portfolio of solutions to develop fuel cells for CVs. The Bosch portfolio consists of essential components needed to implement fuel-cell technology, such as hydrogen gas injector (HGI), Anode recirculation blower (ARB), electric air compressor (EAC) and fuel cell stacks. Bosch is also bringing electrification to medium-range delivery applications. The Deliver-E

Bosch and Hanwha have invested more than $230 million in Nikola

Nikola Corporation has announced two strategic investors from its prior funding rounds. Bosch and Hanwha have each invested at least $100 million, totaling $230 million.

Choosing the right scan tool solution

New, complex components mean more complex diagnostics.

Bosch releases software update for ESI[truck]

Bosch has released a new software version 2019/1 for the ESI[truck]. In addition to the ESI[truck] software, the new Off-Highway Software package is also available, giving technicians the ability to diagnose construction and agricultural vehicles, according to Bosch. New software additions include extended coverage for electronic control systems, wiring diagrams, fault codes and troubleshooting by

The present and future of electric axles

Axle manufacturers have been working on eAxle solutions for years, but in the time since these products came about, engineering innovation has only increased. So FE decided to check in with the makers of electric axles to see where these axles are now, and where they are going.

Bosch introduces five new bladder adapters for its HPT 500 HD smoke machine

Bosch has introduced five new bladder adapters in North America for its HPT 500 heavy-duty smoke machine. The adapters seal off various-sized pipes and hoses when checking for leaks and range in size from 1.5 to 5.9 in. Each bladder expands to completely seal hoses and pipes in exhaust, intake and turbocharging systems so they