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Webb releases drums for high frequency stopping applications

A lineup of Webb Vortex brake drums for applications such as refuse trucks, which are subjected to a higher frequency of stops, has been introduced by Webb Severe Duty. Webb Vortex severe duty drum designs, the company notes, dissipate brake heat and lower the average brake operating temperature compared to standard brake drums, lowering lifecycle

Reducing stopping distances

In order to stop a fully-loaded vehicle in 250 ft., the torque output from the brakes needs to be 30 to 40% higher. Due to weight shift during the stop, the rear brakes are limited by ABS; so the front steer brakes have to do more work. This requires increasing the size of front brakes

TMD brake pads
Kiene Diesel offers seized brake drum puller

For removing seized brake drums, Kiene Diesel Accessories has developed a new brake drum puller adapter for its Wheel Whiz and Wheel Grabber tools.