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Is corrosion curtailing your brake pad life?

The last thing you want are brake pads that are continually crumbling apart before the end of their expected life, increasing service costs and increasing the stopping distance of your truck.

Video: How brake pads are made

It’s one thing to order brake pads from your parts supplier and install them on a vehicle. It’s another thing to see how they’re actually made.

Actively reducing risk: Taking stock of the safety systems available for medium-duty trucks

In medium-duty commercial operations, safety systems are becoming more important and prevalent as fleets seek to reduce the risk of their trucks being involved in accidents, to improve the safety of drivers and to potentially lower insurance costs.

WABCO automatic slack adjuster now standard on Stoughton Trailers

WABCO Holdings has been selected by Stoughton Trailers, LLC to be the standard supplier for automatic slack adjusters effective April 2019.

Self driven: What’s a neural network?

What’s a neural network? It’s a computer system that mimics our brains. It’s software made up of connected nodes of information and every time a signal travels from one node to another it makes a connection that leads to an understanding of what’s happening in the situation.

Automated self driving truck neural network
Self driven: Dr. Wilfried Achenbach leads DTNA’s engineers into the automated unknown

Dr. Wilfried Achenbach has a unique perspective on developing advanced safety systems. But it’s not the one you might expect from Daimler Trucks North America’s senior vice president of engineering and technology.

FE May 19 cover story
Self driven: Failing safe in the automated unknown

What happens if something goes wrong, if there’s software or component failure for a Level 4 automated truck? It’s one of the first questions that the Daimler Trucks team approaches, as it’s paramount to safety.

TMD Friction releases OE copper-free air disc brake pads

TMD Friction has received the first NAFTA OE release for its copper-free air disc brake (ADB) pad material, TX7400N, the company says.

Compression release brakes are improving medium-duty truck efficiency, safety

If the name “Jake Brake” has you immediately thinking about the engine braking mechanism that is common on heavy-duty diesels you’re probably not alone. What you might not know, however, is that the same type of technology can now bring the same safety, fuel economy and maintenance benefits to medium-duty engines.

WABCO introduces Active Lateral Safety technology suite for commercial vehicles

WABCO Holdings Inc. has introduced an integrated Active Lateral Safety technology suite.

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HDNABI North America Brake Industry enters heavy-duty commercial vehicle market

A new heavy-duty brake maker known as HDNABI North America Brake Industry has announced its entry into the North American heavy-duty market. The new company will manufacture air disc brake and axle system packages.

Video: Managing brake wear on fleet applications

Andrew Markel’s brake tip goes over fleet rotors and pads, and how choosing the right match can minimize downtime. Sponsored by NAPA.

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