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Centric Parts introduces truck air disc brake program

Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies and manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components and systems, has introduced a new air disc brake program for heavy-duty vehicles. Centric Parts new program features air disc brake pads, rotors and repair kits for all makes. It adds to an existing range of replacement

IC Bus makes Bendix stability and collision mitigation technologies standard equipment

IC Bus, a subsidiary of Navistar, has made Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program and Bendix Wingman Advanced standard on its CE Series and RE Series school buses with air brakes. Based on its investigation of two fatal crashes involving school buses in 2016, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently recommended that the National Highway

Bendix Wingman Fusion now standard on Kenworth T680

Kenworth now offers the Bendix Wingman Fusion advanced driver assistance system as standard equipment for its T680 on-highway truck. “Kenworth continues to roll out technologies that benefit our customers and enhance safety. We began offering Bendix Wingman Fusion as a Kenworth T680 option two years ago. The system has proven to be a popular choice

Kenworth T680 sleeper
Bendix Wingman Fusion now standard on Peterbilt Model 579

Peterbilt Motors Co. announced that it will now offer Bendix Wingman Fusion as standard on the Model 579. Through a unique combination of camera, radar and braking systems, Bendix Wingman Fusion provides a full set of collision mitigation technologies and driver alerts that greatly enhance driver safety. Previously, Bendix’s Wingman Advanced was the standard safety

Peterbilt 579
Bendix air disc brakes now standard on Kenworth T680

Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes are now the standard offering on the Kenworth T680 truck, the companies announced. ADB22X front air disc brakes were already standard on the truck, and the pairing is now uniform across the truck. “Fleets and truck operators purchasing new Kenworth T680s can benefit from the superior performance,

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Watch: Heavy-duty truck air disc brake maintenance tips

Over the past several years, adoption of air disc brakes (ADBs) has climbed to 18% to 25% of brakes ordered on trucks, according to brake manufacturers, who anticipate that number reaching 50% within the next decade. One of the major advantages of air disc brakes is the extended service interval for brake friction. However, that

International Truck makes Bendix air disc brakes standard on severe service trucks

International Truck announced the standard availability of air disc brakes for the International HV Series and HX Series models. The HV507, HV607, HV513 and HV613 models and the HX515, HX520, HX615 and HX620 models now feature Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes as a standard offering and are available for order today. Related: Air disc brakes

Safety system 101: The simple facts about today’s advanced safety systems

Let’s face it: while advanced safety systems offer numerous benefits, the fast-advancing nature of this technology has led to some confusion in the marketplace. While we all may understand what collision mitigation systems do in the big-picture sense, the details of each system are not always so easily understood: Does it have forward collision warning

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ZF demonstrates lane-keep assist technology, announces new automatic transmission

At a press event in Indianapolis, ZF demonstrated its OnTrax lane-keep assist technology. Employing its ReAX, hydraulic electric steering system, OnTrax combines information from the road, vehicle, camera and ReAX modules to provide lane keeping assistance by applying hand-wheel torque that urges vehicle away from lane boundary. ZF stressed that this is a driver-assistance technology—and the

Xtra Lease to offer SAF-Holland P89 air disc brake

Xtra Lease announced that it is installing SAF-Holland’s P89 air disc brakes on more than 6,000 of its over-the-road dry vans and reefers purchased in 2018. According to Xtra Lease, the reasons for choosing the P89 air disc brakes for its trailers include the following: The ability to provide a lower maintenance trailer to fleets

Jacobs Vehicle Systems launches 1.5 Stroke HPD engine brake

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched 1.5 Stroke HPD, a new variation of the company’s High Power Density (HPD) engine brake. The company says that this new HPD option provides heavy vehicles with significantly higher levels of supplemental braking force than traditional compression release braking, but with less complexity and cost than Two-Stroke HPD. As with

What’s the difference between clearance-sensing and stroke-sensing slack adjusters?

“Clearance-sensing slacks adjust to produce a consistent gap between the face of the brake pad and the braking surface of the drum,” said Greg Sturdy, director of wheel end product engineering for Accuride Corp. “Stroke-sensing slacks adjust to produce a consistent distance the pushrod of the brake canister is allowed to move.” Like any component,