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Webb Wheel releases new hydraulic disc brake rotor to aftermarket

The Webb Wheel Products Inc. Aftermarket Business Unit has released new hydraulic disc brake rotor, part number 54773P-65, for front and rear truck applications with ABS.

Haldex introduces rivet-less covers for S-ABA Style automatic brake adjuster

Haldex has introduced rivet-less front and rear covers for the S-ABA style automatic brake adjusters. According to the company, the existing front and rear covers, which have a retaining rivet, will be replaced by the new rivet-less front and rear covers that will be retained by an adhesive compound. The rear cover will have a unique grease relieve creating a designed path for grease flow, providing enhanced sealing and improved tamper resistance.

Webb Wheel releases new brake drum to aftermarket

Webb Wheel Products Inc. Aftermarket Business Unit has released a new brake drum, part number 66855B. This 16.5 x 8.62 drum, for R-series drive axle and TN and TP trailer axle applications, is similar to Webb 66854B without an oil groove machined in the wraparound area, the company said. The 66855B brake drum will fit most applications where a 66854B brake drum is used, with the exception of a limited number of school bus applications where the machined oil groove is required.

Racor/Nabtesco compressed air dryer system launched

Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. has announced the availability of the Racor/Nabtesco compressed air dryer system. The air dryer provides vapor-free compressed air to a vehicle’s air brake system reservoir, and the manufacturer said the compact Racor/Nabtesco air dryer utilizes a proprietary high performance desiccant that is more durable and has better moisture removing capacity than other systems.

Haldex announces spring brakes and service chambers with welded clevis

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems now offers the Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes and service chambers with the OEM-specified welded clevis pushrod assembly.

Haldex announces Consep service kits

The Haldex Consep, a low maintenance air pre-treatment condenser/separator, is especially designed for a variety of OE applications, said its maker. When installed in a vehicle’s air brake system, the Haldex Consep condenses, separates and removes up to 90% of the oils, liquids and other contaminants while treating flow rates of over 30 SCFM. When installed properly, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life, Haldex added.

Monroe brakes line now includes extensive air disc brake coverage for trucks

Tenneco Inc. has introduced Monroe Dynamics disc brake pads and shoes covering the latest air disc brake systems from Workhorse, Knorr Bremse, Meritor Wabco and other manufacturers. This product line expansion builds on the brand’s already extensive coverage for hundreds of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle applications, the maker said.

Haldex ModulX DB22LT disc brake offered on Hendrickson axles

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems announced that the ModulX DB22LT disc brake is now available on Hendrickson axles. By transitioning to the ModulX DB22LT there is a 37 lb. weight savings per axle versus the previous model, the manufacturer noted.

Precision Fleet Brakes 2008 price sheet and product catalog now available

Precision Fleet Brakes has announced the availability of its 2008 product catalog for fleet vehicles, which includes models for all the major fleet applications. Along with the catalog, they have also introduced a new price sheet that they say will make customers very competitive in the fleet marketplace.

Bendix to launch two new trailer brake valves

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC sustains its focus on the trailer industry with the introduction of two new trailer valves, the Bendix SDS-9600 and the Bendix SRC-7000. Both are set for release in 2008.

MGM introduces electronic brake alert systems

The MGM Brakes Electronic Stroke Alert e•STROKE system converts air brake actuator shaft travel into an electronic signal. This signal is monitored and output transmitted to a Chassis Communications Module (CCM), which the company said provides the driver with a safe and convenient means to check brake stroke status.

Meritor WABCO introduces OnGuard collision safety system for North America

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has introduced OnGuard, a new technology designed to further improve commercial vehicle safety. OnGuard is currently installed on nearly 200 vehicles and is targeted for third quarter 2008 availability as a factory-installed option at several OEM brands.