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What to look for in remanufactured truck parts

When it comes to truck maintenance, choosing the right replacement part is an all-important step. But in the crowded commercial vehicle aftermarket, making that choice can be confusing, especially when selecting remanufactured and rebuilt components. And the wrong choice comes with the risk of part failure, as well as damage that can more than eliminate

Phillips Industries introduces maintenance-free tank saver

The new Tank Saver from Phillips is designed as a “set it and forget it” product to drain air tanks, eliminating the need for service once installed, the company says. Air brake systems are not impervious to water and debris and need to be purged regularly to avoid scaling and corrosion in the air tanks

Choosing the right parts in the trucking aftermarket

The commercial vehicle aftermarket is a crowded place, and the arena of remanufactured and rebuilt parts in particular can be confusing. Put the wrong replacement component on your truck, and you can risk not just part failure, but also damage that would more than wipe out any savings from going with the lowest-cost option. And

Eight tips to prepare your trucks for winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. You know the drill: falling temperatures, snow, and ice hitting large swaths of North America, presenting challenges for trucks and fleets. Now is the time to prepare. With harsh weather looming, this installment of the Bendix Tech Tips Series serves up eight pieces of advice for wheel-ends, air

Maintenance tips for your trucks in the fall

The fall season is a welcoming change for drivers that were overheating alongside their trucks in the summer; but to avoid downtime this season, truckers are advised to take necessary precautions now by investigating air brakes and components; headlights and suspension systems. Dropping temperatures could lead to new challenges for fleets that avoid routine truck

TSE Brakes introduces TSE-Sense smart air brake actuator

TSE Brakes Inc., a worldwide producer and supplier of premium actuators and brake adjusters for the on-highway and specialty vehicle markets, launched its TSE-Sense smart air brake actuator. The system is comprised of smart brake actuators and a Data Integration Box (DIB), patent-pending TSE-Sense continuously monitors brake stroke at each wheel end. TSE-Sense can diagnose

Jacobs begins Fulcrum Bridge engine braking technology production

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has begun production of Fulcrum Bridge, a technology that the company says makes it possible to combine conventional engine braking with automatic hydraulic lash adjustment. Jacobs’ first Fulcrum Bridge product includes a compression release engine brake and is part of an overall valvetrain system that will be supplied to an original equipment manufacturer

What fleets need to know about truck brake, wheel end service

While a comprehensive maintenance program is always essential for the performance of key heavy-duty truck brake and wheel end systems, it can be even more critical when fleets adopt new and different types of components and technologies. “Regulatory changes, such as those requiring copper-free brake pads, may influence maintenance intervals for brake components,” says Jeff

Bendix offers tips to extend disc brake pad, rotor life

This Tech Tip, provided by Bendix, series addresses actions that fleets and owner-operators can take to protect that investment and extend the life of their air disc brake (ADB) pads and rotors. “The more people realize the benefits of air disc brakes, the more we want to help them maximize ADB advantages over the life

Watch: The connection between your truck’s brakes and trailer telematics

Thanks to the efforts of component manufacturers and telematics providers alike, one burgeoning area of trailer telematics is the integration of components throughout the trailer, such as the brakes. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: It is important that your technicians are

Motor Wheel launches new product colors

Motor Wheel, manufacturer of CentriFuse brake drums and Crewson brake adjusters, announced the re-colorization of their CentriFuse brake drums. The blue and red colors symbolize “Made in America from day one,” the company stated. “Not all brake drums are the same, even though they may appear to be. That is why, in the production process,

Electric truck regenerative braking, explained

One of the most intriguing electric truck technologies is regenerative braking. Who wouldn’t want to capture the energy used to slow the vehicle and send it back to the battery pack? Not only can it help increase an electric truck’s range (which is definitely needed), but it can potentially reduce the number of brake pads