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Scrap tire analysis thoughts from trucking’s top minds

See the rising sun behind the peaks of that pile of rubber? There’s gold in them there black hills, fleet managers. Gold in the form of information–a tale of your tire operations, maintenance and pressure management practices. So don some protective gloves and let’s start grabbing some scrap tire rubber out of the pile to

Bridgestone launches new Bandag B123 FuelTech retread

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. has launched the Bandag B123 FuelTech retread, a trailer retread designed to complement the Bridgestone R123 Ecopia tire in design and performance. Through its rib design, Bridgestone says the Bandag B123 retread is engineered to fight irregular wear and enable longer tread life for fleets. When used together, the Bandag B123 FuelTech

Bridgestone adds to Bandag MaxTread portfolio

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. has added the FuelTech Drive retread for the drive wheel position to its Bandag MaxTread line. The MaxTread FuelTech Drive is a SmartWay-verified, closed-shoulder retread engineered for fleets operating in over-the-road hauling services. Utilizing a special tread compound to lower rolling resistance and deliver excellent mileage performance, this retread is also California

Bridgestone TBR tire plant celebrates 30 years

Bridgestone‘s truck and bus radial (TBR) tire manufacturing plant in Warren County, Tennessee recently celebrated 30 years of operations. The Warren County tire plant began manufacturing TBR tires in 1990 and today employs more than 1,000 people. The plant is located in Morrison, Tennessee. In 2018, Bridgestone announced a $40 million investment in the plant

Bridgestone launches Bandag MaxTread tire line

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. has released its new Bandag MaxTread line. Bridgestone says the Bandag MaxTread line features Bandag retreads as a standalone, single unit tire solution, rather than a traditional tire cap and casing offering. The line includes trailer, drive and all-position fitments for light truck, waste, long haul, severe service and pickup and delivery

Five steps to bring retread savings to vocational truck tire applications

Rolling through rugged construction sites, cornering in cramped city streets, or tackling rough-and-tumble, stop-and-go refuse tasks, you demand performance from your vocational tires above all. While the ROI that their long-haul brethren reap from retreads is well documented, that same value prop can be true for vocational tires. And you don’t have to just take

Bridgestone releases Firestone FD692 drive tire

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. has released the new Firestone FD692 drive tire. The tire is both SmartWay-verified and California Air Resources Board (CARB)-compliant. The FD692 is engineered with 400% more biting edges than its predecessor and was given a three-peak mountain snowflake certification, Bridgestone says. The company says other features of the Firestone FD692 drive tire

Are you retreading your truck’s tires to the right position?

Let’s say you retread a pair of new, premium steer tire casings. Where on your truck do they go next? The most common answer is probably the drive position. But what if you equipped them back onto the steer position? Bridgestone Americas’ Kyle Chen, brand manager of truck and bus radial tires for the U.S.

Bridgestone to restart North American commercial tire operations

Bridgestone Americas has announced plans to restart its North American commercial tire plants as well as its North American Firestone Industrial Products and Firestone Building Products manufacturing facilities on April 13. Bridgestone says its start-up plans reflect the performance trend in several key areas of its commercial and diversified products businesses not as severely affected

Maximize fuel economy with wheel position in mind

Here’s a fleet fuel efficiency tire hack: Maximize the impact of wheel position on fuel efficiency. “The trailer wheel position, which carries the most weight, contributes the most to the overall fuel efficiency of a commercial truck at approximately 43%. This is followed by the drive position at 39% and the steer position at 18%,”

Bridgestone Americas to shut down manufacturing in North America, Latin America due to Coronavirus

Bridgestone Americas has announced a temporary phased shutdown of its manufacturing facilities in North America and Latin America. The temporary shutdown will begin the weekend of March 21 with all facilities planning to resume normal operations on or before Sunday, April 12. The company says it will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust

Could an air-free commercial truck tire be a reality?

What if you didn’t have to worry about inflation at all? What if your tires were ready to roll any time?