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Bridgestone introduces two Bandag treads for drive applications

Bridgestone Americas announced two new Bandag retreads, the Bandag DR 5.3 closed-shoulder drive pattern and the Bandag DR 4.3 open-shoulder drive pattern. This rounds out a trio of patterns (including the Bandag b799) that the company says are designed to balance dependable performance and affordability. Features of the Bandag DR 5.3 closed-shoulder drive pattern described by

Bridgestone Bandag retread drive tire
Bridgestone releases all-position retread for refuse applications

Bridgestone Americas has announced the launch of its new Bandag BRM3 retread. The Bandag BRM3 retread, which features a proprietary compound and advanced tread design, is engineered to deliver a balance of long wear, durability and traction and is designed to be used as an all-position tire in the refuse industry, the company said. “Bridgestone continues

Watch: Bridging tire efficiency and durability—a conversation with Bridgestone Commercial

Bridgestone recently released the R283A Ecopia steer tire, and I had the chance to stop by the Bridgestone Booth at TMC to learn about the new tire that tackles both improved rolling resistance for fuel efficiency and increasing wear life for retreadability, a tire feat that is no small task. In addition, retreads continue to play

Bridgestone launches Ecopia steer tire

Bridgestone Americas has introduced its latest tire option, the Bridgestone R283A Ecopia steer tire for long- and regional-haul service. The steer tire features new Bridgestone technologies, and the company says it can offer a superior combination of wear life and fuel efficiency. “Sophisticated fleets, today, measure tire performance based on the total life cycle,” said Matt

Getting the most from tire suppliers

Fleet managers know all too well that tires are often one of their biggest expenses. Working with a trusted tire dealer can help fleets manage costs by obtaining quality products and services that are readily available—sometimes over several years (depending on the application)—and helping fleets choose the right tires and services for their specific needs. We

Tire management, service options: What you need to know

There are many tire management and service options available to fleets; we will go through just a few of these options with the advice of the major tire makers. Some of the most beneficial service options available to fleets come from tire dealers and their trained technicians, notes Bridgestone. The dealers use the right equipment

Ryder’s Total Tire Management program also involves a proactive and comprehensive approach
Avoiding tire-related CSA violations

Tires have always been one of the top three costs for fleet operations. Good maintenance practices are being tested as fleets work to avoid CSA citations.

Tire management: Tales of scrap tire analysis and TCO

Every tire tells a story—a saga of the hundreds upon thousands of miles of rubber laid down on highways and byways. Once a tire comes out of service, it’s important to listen to what that tire has to say. Every pinhole of air pressure loss is an anecdote, every instance of premature tread wear a

Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Check Generic
Truck tire retreads: Taking advantage of verified SmartWay offerings

“SmartWay verification is becoming an increasingly important designation for retreads as more fleets realize that the use of fuel-efficient retreads can help them control their costs more effectively,” says Brian Buckham, general manager of product marketing for Goodyear Commercial Tire. “By leveraging new tire compounding technology and tread designs, we can continue to make strides

Consider retreads to round out your fleet tire portfolio

As part of this month’s feature on tire management, several tire industry experts weighed in on the topic of retreading. “This may sound funny coming from a new tire manufacturer that doesn’t offer a retread solution in North America, but retreading is imperative to lower the fleet cost of operation,” said Rick Phillips, Yokohama vice

Tire management is key to understanding fleet tire needs, costs

Taking care of tires is a fleet manager’s top priority. It’s where the rubber meets the road; the costs hit the bottom line. From tire benchmarking to data analysis to management action, crafting a complete tire management program for your tires can be the difference between profitability and dealing with costly tire headaches. “An effective

Tire, wheel programs can help fleets reduce downtime

“The more you see them, the fewer problems you’ll experience,” says Walt Weller, vice president of sales at Double Coin Tire, the exclusive distributor of Double Coin products in North America. “One of the most expensive issues for fleets is road service for tires, and much of the time those are preventable problems.” Double Coin,