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Buyers Products announces V-Plow for 3/4-ton pickup trucks

Buyers Products, manufacturer of work truck equipment, announces the release of a V-plow specifically designed for use with most 3/4-ton pickup trucks. The SnowDogg VMXII snow plow has been structurally optimized to weigh less than 550 lbs, which allows the plow to be mounted on lighter trucks like the Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverado 1500s and RAM 1500s. The SnowDogg

Buyers Products announces new V-plow for Class 4-6 trucks

Buyers Products has released a 10-and-a-half-foot V-plow designed for very heavy-duty use. The new SnowDogg VXXII plow mounts to Class 4-6 trucks with wings that ascend from 35 in. in the middle to 45 in. on either end. The plow is the result of increasing market demand for such a large V-plow, Buyers Products noted

Buyers Products upgrades 3-cubic-yard electric, poly-hopper spreader

Buyers Products has created a larger version of its SaltDogg PRO Series electric spreader. The new 9-1/2-ft. PRO3000 model has a 3-cubic-yard capacity, which equates to roughly 3.2 tons of bulk No. 1 rock salt, the company says. The spreader joins the existing 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-cubic-yard models of the SaltDogg PRO Series. To create

Buyers Products adds new V-plow for Class 4-6 trucks

Buyers Products has released the SnowDogg VXXII plow, a 10-1/2-ft. V-plow that mounts to Class 4-6 trucks. The plow, with wings that ascend from 35 in. in the middle to 45 in. on either end, features a stainless steel blade with flared wings and a frame built to absorb heavy impacts. The VXXII also includes

Buyers Products introduces new central hydraulic system

Buyers Products has introduced its newest central hydraulic system, which the company says provides the greatest control with the smallest footprint available on the market. Constructed with a 304 stainless steel reservoir and a pre-plumbed enclosure, the system provides operators with complete control over multiple functions. The system is designed to work with light to heavy-duty

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Buyers Products releases new SaltDogg municipal dump spreader

Buyers Products has introduced the new SaltDogg Municipal Dump Spreader (MDS), which the company says provides the practicality of a dump body combined with the convenience of a spreader. The new MDS (pictured above) is offered in 10-, 12- and 14-ft. lengths with 36-in. sides and a 4-in. tailgate. The body is constructed from heavy-gauge, 304 stainless steel

Buyers Products introduces two new lift axle control assemblies

Buyers Products Co. introduced two new lift axle control assemblies for in-cab operation of air suspension and lift axle systems. The assemblies, available in push/pull-style or toggle-style, are pre-plumbed and assembled with pressure gauge, pressure regulator, fittings and department-of-transportation tubing. The included steel mounting plate is predrilled and powder-coated to provide extended service life, said

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