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Drivewyze adds Pennsylvania to bypass network

The mobile platform for Drivewyze allows law enforcement to utilize inspection bypass at all locations where inspections can take place.

Intelligent Imaging Systems rebranded as Drivewyze Infrastructure Services

Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS), a transportation safety technology integrator for transportation and law enforcement agencies across North America, is now operating under the Drivewyze brand as Drivewyze Infrastructure Services. According to Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze, while there is a change in name, there will be no change in the company’s commitment to developing the industry’s most

How tech-driven CalArk supports driver safety, reduces operational costs

When it comes to integrating the latest technology the trucking industry, CalArk is as tech-savvy of a transportation company as they come. Since its founding in 1975, CalArk has grown its operation to include more than 600 trucks between its two operating companies–CalArk International and Central Hauling Company. What originated as a full truckload carrier

What’s a truck e-inspection and how does it work?

Truck technology advancements hold a multitude of opportunities and one major, common challenge: Change. What sounds great in theory takes a lot of time and energy to turn into a reality. Consider electronic inspections for trucks at weigh stations. Certainly digital vehicle inspection reports are well known to fleets, but when a truck pulls into

PrePass now available on Pedigree Technologies Cab-Mate ELD

PrePass Safety Alliance has recently announced a new partnership with Pedigree Technologies that brings PrePass, North America’s leading pre-clearance program, to the OneView platform. Drivers receive notification on the Cab-Mate ELD to bypass or pull into the weigh station, all while the truck travels at highway speed. In addition, fleets receive real-time driver safety ALERTS

Drivewyze expands e-Inspection initiative: Seven states now using automation

Drivewyze, operator of a large public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, announced expansion of its e-Inspection program, with seven states now offering pilots to expedite In-Station Inspections. Vermont now joins Kansas, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Utah in allowing Drivewyze e-Inspection technology to automate time-consuming elements of traditional In-Station Inspections at select

Drivewyze adds weigh station bypass service in Iowa

Drivewyze Inc. has announced the addition of weigh stations in Iowa for bypass opportunities. With seven Drivewyze-enabled weigh stations in Iowa, Drivewyze PreClear is now available in 49 states and provinces – providing bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations. The new sites in Iowa include: •  I-80 WB in Avoca, near Omaha, Neb. •

Drivewyze adds weigh station bypass in Wyoming

Drivewyze has announced the addition of weigh stations in Wyoming for bypass opportunities.  The Wyoming addition opens up Drivewyze PreClear to 48 states and provinces with bypass opportunities in more than 800 locations. Two sites – one along I-25, and the other on I-80, will be activated by the end of August. Three more sites

Tracking the new freight normal with new technology solutions

The questions that impacted how your equipment moves on the road during the nationwide shutdown persist now that states are starting to reopen. Are the rest stops open in that area? Is there truck parking available? These types of questions have a huge impact on your equipment’s operation and routing decisions as delivery ETAs and

Tracking the new freight normal with new technology solutions
Which Weigh Station Bypass Technology is Best for You?

There are two technologies used for weigh station bypass, each with different benefits. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) completed a study comparing transponders and mobile apps for bypassing weigh stations. Transponders used for electronic bypass and most electronic tolling systems globally are based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This is the same technology

Bypass the weigh station, not the data-sharing conversation

Fleet Equipment (FE) sat down with Doug Johnson to learn more about Drivewyze’s technology and his view of the ever-changing trucking data industry.

PrePass service expands to North Carolina

PrePass, a commercial vehicle bypass service, is expanding into its 32nd state this summer, North Carolina. HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass, and International Road Dynamics Inc., the administrator of NCPass, have reached an agreement to allow PrePass users the safety and efficiency benefits of bypassing at weigh stations located at Hillsborough, N.C. “It is exciting to have

Help Inc. PrePass Vehical Bypass