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Fontaine Modification hits 100,000 truck milestone

Alongside the 27,000 sq. ft. expansion of its Laredo, TX facility, Fontaine expects to hire another 125 employees to meet projected growth.

Peterbilt unveils its Model 589 truck

Traditional styling headlines the new truck’s launch.

Pre-Trip planning for safe truck driving

In 2020, IIHS reported that a total of 2,974 of 53,890 fatal crashes involving passenger vehicles were caused by distractions ranging from daydreaming and text-messaging to eating and rubbernecking. In 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that least one driver-related factor was recorded for 33 percent of the large truck drivers in fatal

Is Your Truck Cab Smelling Fishy? How to Stomp out the Stink

The sky is clearing. The sweet smell of blooming flowers fills the fresh Spring air. The warming air serves as a welcoming announcement that the cold closeness that winter demands is slowly fading into history for another year. As the days grow warmer, a strong fish smell, reminiscent of the fish drying racks in a

Webasto highlights SmarTemp 3.0, SmarTemp 3.0 bluetooth controllers

Webasto North America, commercial vehicle and aftermarket equipment manufacturer, has announced the introduction of its new SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth controllers. The advanced new devices provide ease of use and control of both Webasto fuel-operated air heaters and fuel-operated coolant heaters, all from a single unit. Fully programmable within a seven-day period, the SmarTemp

Why fleets should spec the latest truck driver comfort options

How do you measure the value of driver comfort? It isn’t easy, because there’s no direct chain of ROI. If you ask truck manufacturers, it starts by listening to your drivers and measuring the impact of your choices on recruitment efforts and retention success. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video

When wind, road noise is more than just a distraction

We’ve all seen television shows or movies where the characters are carrying on a conversation in a moving vehicle. There is something typically missing from such scenes, namely noise. But we don’t even notice as our attention is on the characters and what is being said. Nevertheless, in real life quite a lot of noise

Wind Road Noise Truck Service
Finish them! The top trucking paints and finishes trends

The truck is the first thing a client sees when their load rolls onto the lot, and you know what they say about first impressions. When a truck is new, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to paints and finishes, but the road is long and a truck’s work is hard. Dings,

Phillips Industries introduces Qwik-Change power air kit

Phillips Industries has introduced the Qwik-Change power air kit (PAK) combining factory-assembled tractor-to-trailer connection components and cable support under one part number. A Qwik-Change PAK combines Phillips spiral-wrapped three-in-one electrical and air combination assemblies with quick-change plugs (QCP), service and emergency factory-installed anodized gladhands, and two 25-in. Qwik-Change heavy-duty tracker spring kits with Qwik-Clamp. Features

Why is fleet image so important?

The old adage “image is everything” rings true in the heavy-duty industry. The look of over-the-road assets is a direct reflection of brand, quality, and service. Proper fleet maintenance is critical to safety, performance, driver retention, fewer in-transit pullovers, load protection, and profitability. A rig that looks good will also fare better with DOT inspections.

Peterbilt UltraLoft Sleeper now available on Model 567

Peterbilt Motors Co. announced the availability of the Model 567 in an UltraLoft sleeper configuration. By optimizing the space available, the UltraLoft integral sleeper includes expansive storage and comfort features, including 8 ft. of headroom and 70 cu. ft. of overall storage, the company says. The UltraLoft also gives drivers the large upper and lower

What’s in it for fleets spec’ing the latest in driver comfort options?

How can fleets measure the value of driver comfort options? According to truck manufacturers, it starts by listening to your drivers and measuring the impact of your choices on recruitment efforts and retention success. “Quantitatively, fleets can measure the impact of comfort and convenience items through metrics like driver retention, driver health and recruiting efforts,”