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Kenworth details the next generation T680 on-highway truck

Kenworth pulled the sheet off of its next generation of T680, unveiling an improved aerodynamic design that touts a 6% fuel efficiency increase over the previous T680 iteration (when spec’d with the PACCAR powertrain). The updates extend into the cab where the impressive 15-in. digital display offers near countless truck information customizations. The technology integrated

Kenworth T680-next-gen-truck-1400
Tech Tip: Is your stowage doing more damage than good?

With winter upon us, wet weather and de-ices are more prevalent than ever, which is the perfect storm (no pun intended) for corrosion build-up on a vehicle. While the electrical connections of a plug and socket union are a primary location for corrosion build-up, there is another place that could be doing more damage to

Minimizer releases new antibacterial mattress

Minimizer has released the Long Haul Series Mattress, which is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. According to the company, it will never bottom out. The company says it hopes that the mattress will give drivers an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep while driving during the pandemic.

Rand McNally launches second generation of OverDryve Pro

Rand McNally has introduced OverDryve 8 Pro II, a new generation telematics device for drivers. The device can be used for navigating, playing SiriusXM radio, recording dash cam footage, hands-free calling and texting and browsing the web. The company says the OverDryve 8 Pro II features a new design including an 8-in. screen, and is

Tech Tip: Swinger gladhand general care and maintenance

Swinger gladhands were designed to help eliminate damage due to pull-away or tight/jackknife turns, and to reduce impact where straight or angled gladhands are exposed to damage. They also reduce wear on your air lines by following the movement of the tractor, reducing the bending and flexing at the tractor gladhand. To keep swinger gladhands

Watch: Truck air line selection/inspection tips

Air line replacement is not only for the winter months; it can apply all year round. While not always necessary, it’s just good practice to replace air lines and air line accessories annually to ensure proper working order. The thing is, there are a number of issues that, if found during routine PMs or during

Tech Tip: Cable support for combination assemblies

For the best cable support for most combination assembly setups, Phillips Industries recommends that you use two separate tender spring assemblies instead of one. The spiral design of coiled cables expands and contracts like a spring as the truck moves, but this is not the case with straight cables. Instead, the movement of straight air

Using in-cab amenities to attract and retain drivers

Everyone knows about the driver shortage impacting the trucking industry. It’s old news, right? The million dollar question, of course, is how does a fleet recruit and then retain its drivers? The answer isn’t simple, obvious, or all that clear. But the fact remains there is something a fleet can offer that will help in

Tech tip: Choosing the right air lines

Air lines that are damaged with cracked, chaffed or kinked jacketing, or that have corroded, or leaky fittings should be replaced to avoid air line failure on the road, Phillips says. When replacing air lines, it’s important to select proper replacements that are not only quality, but also meet DOT standards, to ensure safety and

Phillips Industries releases X-Tend day cab tracker bar extension

Phillips Industries has released a new X-Tend day cab tracker bar extension for tractor model applications with back windows. The company says the X-Tend’s design prevents damage and decreases driver distraction from cables banging up against the back of the cab by extending them out an additional 8 in. from the tracker bar. The X-Tend

Peterbilt reintroduces Model 389 Pride & Class package

Peterbilt Motors Co. has reintroduced the Model 389 Pride & Class package due to popular demand, the company announced. Peterbilt says key external features of the Model 389 Pride & Class package, initially introduced with a limited production run in 2014 and 2017, include a highly-polished hood crown surrounding a classic style louvered grille sheet,

Truck cab cleaning, comfort tips to keep your drivers safe

No script? No plan? No problem. Welcome to Fleet Equipment Unscripted—the video interview series that connects you with the greatest minds in the heavy-duty trucking world. Hours-of-service exemptions that have your truck drivers working long hours to deliver essential goods. Stay at home orders that have closed restaurants or drivers that want to socially distance