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HOS violations: Take a proactive approach

Eric Witty, vice president of product management for Cadec Global Inc., says: “By now, it’s no secret that fleet management technology can deliver many different benefits. Perhaps one of the biggest is the role it can play in reducing hours-of-service [HOS] violations. These violations can lead to higher costs due to compliance breaches and increased

Hours of Service Violations
Cadec PowerVue software to track CNG trucks

Cadec Global Inc. announced that in addition to its existing diesel fleet vehicles, Willow Run Foods has added Cadec’s PowerVue software to its compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet of vehicles. Cadec’s PowerVue is a SaaS-based fleet management system. Willow Run Foods is using PowerVue to track the CNG vehicles fuel consumption, along with other valuable driver

Private fleet analytics: The competitive advantage

Private fleets of all sizes face tremendous pressure to generate value for the companies that run them. To do so, they must determine how to answer this all-important question from a potential customer: “Why should I do business with you rather than with your competitor?” How can you answer that question and begin outperforming your

Private fleet analytics competitive advantage