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Five truck trend takeaways from July

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not quite ready for the leaves to start falling. The first of August marks the beginning of the end. It’s soon time to turn off the A/C and crank up the heat. Before you know it, Christmas will be right around the corner! … maybe I’m getting

Counter cargo theft with the right insurance

Cargo theft is a very real threat. Right now, trailer loads are likely under surveillance. Organized crime rings record routes, watch truck stops, monitor driver and fleet behavior that leaves trailers unsecured and then they pounce. These aren’t smash and grabs where the perps hope they get lucky. These are well-timed, orchestrated events that target

Getting a sense of trailer location, cargo status solutions

There’s a cautionary tale told in whispers at fleet industry events of a fleet manager who was plagued by the problem of lost trailers. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to keep track of his cargo carriers. Where were they? Were they loaded? Unloaded? Maintained? These are the questions he mumbled to

Truck cargo theft happens: Here’s how to avoid it

Cargo theft is a major concern for fleets and incidences ramped up in 2020. To avoid stolen trucks or items, it’s important to look at the data, determine threat conditions and more. In this Q&A, Scott Cornell, transportation and lead crime and theft specialist at Travelers, walks through what his company does to identify signs

Provide added cargo protection with access control

You see it all the time: Fleets spend whatever it takes on fences, alarms, cameras and security guards to protect warehouses and yards but a simple padlock is often seen as sufficient on trailers and shipping containers. “Aren’t cargo carrying vehicles just an extension of the facilities where they have systems in place to control

A layered approach to preventing cargo theft

In 2013, 951 cargo thefts valued at an average of $171,100 per load added up to over $162 million in stolen goods across the United States, according to FreightWatch International. “While those numbers point to the need to utilize advanced physical security solutions, equally important for freight carriers is to implement an effectively designed, layered

Preventing Trailer Cargo Theft
Using refrigeration-unit controls to ‘deep-freeze’ cargo theft

Globally, cargo theft is a multibillion-dollar industry. The types of goods stolen cover a wide range from electronics to clothing to tobacco products. The leading target of cargo thieves in North America, today, is food—meat in particular—a commodity that is typically transported by refrigerated trailers. Meat prices, driven upward by U.S. drought conditions in 2012,