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Carrier Transicold offers reefer telematics system

Carrier Transicold has announced that it will offer a customized telematics solution that will deliver advanced capabilities for its transport refrigeration units (TRUs). The new telematics solution will help fleets manage their refrigerated assets by enabling remote refrigeration unit monitoring, control and diagnostics, data management and other value-added capabilities. “Adoption of telematics by the transport industry

Carrier Transicold expands solar panel line

Carrier Transicold has expanded its line of Thin Film Flexible Solar Panels designed to help maintain peak performance of transport refrigeration unit (TRU) batteries in a more environmentally sustainable way. Carrier Transicold now offers 18.5-watt (1.2 amp) and 9.24-watt (0.6 amp) solar panels, in addition to its original 28-watt (1.8 amp) panel, accommodating a wider

Carrier Transicold names its dealers of the year

Southern States Utility Trailer Sales Inc. of Richland, Miss., was named Carrier Transicold’s 2015 North America Dealer of the Year at the recent annual meeting of Carrier Transicold’s Americas truck/trailer/rail dealers. Carrier Transicold is a unit of United Technologies Corp. Now in its 20th year as a Carrier Transicold dealer, Southern States Utility, whose trophy

Carrier Transicold makes progress in lower global warming potential refrigerants

A year ago, Carrier Transicold made a commitment to pursue low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants across the food cold chain by 2020, and now the company says it has made progress on that front. “We have made significant progress across the refrigeration cold chain,” said David Appel, president of Carrier Transicold and Refrigeration Systems. “Since the 2014 roundtable,

Vector 8100 from Carrier Transicold
Carrier Transicold pursues natural refrigerant technology for reefers

Carrier Transicold has set its sights on natural refrigerant technology that surpasses current alternatives in terms of reducing environmental impact, voluntarily aligning with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s latest and more stringent refrigerant change listing for other commercial, non-transport refrigeration systems. As an alternative to R-404A used in truck and trailer refrigeration units, Carrier Transicold is building

Carrier Transicold contributes refrigerated unit to Foodshare charities

Helping Foodshare to deliver on its goal of creating a community in which everyone receives all the food they need, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems has announced that it will contribute a Supra truck refrigeration unit to be used on one of the organization’s Mobile Foodshare trucks. “As a leader in refrigeration technologies that advance the global

Carrier Transicold Supra Unit
Don’t sit idly by: Putting idle reduction solutions to work saving money, retaining drivers

Trucks are made to be in motion. When efficiency is judged by MPG, the truck’s worst fuel efficiency is when the truck sits still. Idling burns fuel and can lead to increased maintenance issues. That’s why a number of idle reduction solutions are gaining ground with fleet managers aiming to lower diesel usage costs and

Truck Idle Reduction Equipment money
Power to the people: Truck stop electrification

We are a power-hungry society. Of course, I mean electrical power. Walk into any coffee shop and you’re sure to find people huddled around plugged-in mobile workstations; glance around any airport and you’ll see people uncomfortably tethered to the closest outlet. Today’s truck drivers are no different—they demand power for their sleeper creature comforts. There’s

Carrier Transicold commemorates 75 Years of reefer transport

Carrier Transicold is celebrating a double anniversary this year: 75 years of Carrier road transport refrigeration innovation and the 45th anniversary of the Carrier Transicold business. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping of temperature controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of

Carrier Transicold celebrates anniversary
Fuel efficiency, driver retention efforts pay off for Central Trucking Inc.

Among the goals that Mark Roberts, president of CTI Logistics Inc., has for his family-owned company’s fleet are two that he says are definitely keys to success. “Hanging on to good drivers and generating the best possible fuel consumption are ongoing challenges,” he states. “In today’s economic environment, and with rates where they are, it’s

CTI Trucking Kenworth Wabash
Carrier Transicold enhances Vector trailer refrigeration unit warranties

Carrier Transicold has enhanced the warranty coverage for its Vector trailer refrigeration units. “Vector systems deliver dual benefits of reduced maintenance and higher system reliability because they are less complex than conventional mechanical systems and comparative semi-electric systems,” said Patrick McDonald, product manager—trailer, Carrier Transicold. “Our latest-generation Vector units build on this legacy, employing a

Carrier Transicold introduces solar panel accessory

Carrier Transicold introduced a new accessory that harnesses the power of the sun to charge transport refrigeration unit (TRU) batteries and maintain performance in an environmentally sustainable way. Developed specifically to maintain TRU battery charge, Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels are easily installed on the roofs of trailers, truck bodies and refrigerated rail cars chilled by