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CarriersEdge adds Netradyne’s AI truck safety platform to training system

CarriersEdge and Netradyne have say they have partnered to enhance driver training and safety measures.

CarriersEdge adds fleet resource library to support driver training programs

CarriersEdge, a provider of online driver training for the trucking industry, has introduced a new resource library to the CarriersEdge platform. It is designed to help drivers apply information that is covered in CarriersEdge online training courses into real-world use. The new resource library, called “Put it into Practice” (PiiPs), provides fleets with a list

Moving the trucking industry forward with the Best Fleets to Drive For program

It’s not common to see companies willing to publicly share specific details as to what they’re doing to be successful. Typically, that information is held close to the vest. After all, that’s why Non-Disclosure Agreements were created–to prevent ‘insider’ information from spreading and losing competitive advantage. But the trucking industry plays by a different set

CarriersEdge adds online training courses for auto-haulers

CarriersEdge has recently unveiled a series of online training courses for auto-hauler drivers. The new suite includes “Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection” and “Vehicle Inspections – Stinger Steer” courses. A third course, dedicated to unloading cargo, is scheduled for release this summer. The “Auto-Hauler Cargo Inspection” course outlines how to properly conduct vehicle inspection, identify damage or

CarriersEdge adds truck dashcam event integration system

CarriersEdge unveiled its new dashcam integration system that allows carriers to automatically assign and track required training based on dashcam captured events and behaviors. Designed as an open system, the functionality will work with camera systems from multiple leading providers. The dashcam integration system enables carriers to create and assign personalized programs for each driver. Using a drop-down

Podcast: Driver training, retaining and the trucking industry’s ‘oral tradition’

The driver shortage is always a hot topic, and recruiting is only one piece of that; retaining is another. One overlooked aspect of retaining is in training—after all, the training process is the first impression drivers have of your company. To discuss this topic, today’s guest is Jane Jazrawy, co-founder of CarriersEdge. Jane talked about

Fleet profile: Safety is job one at Canada Cartage

For Tony Palmerio, national safety and compliance manager for Canada Cartage, running a tight ship when it comes to safety requires multiple mindsets. “We have to think in legal terms, which means if your safety program is not documented, it didn’t happen,” he said, “but that’s not all. We have to think like an insurance

Pro driver workflow tips from the telematics pros

Addressing a proper work-life balance, recognition and opportunities for training are important in any industry for keeping employees satisfied, and in trucking, fleet managers have access to unique tools to keep tabs on these employee satisfaction levels. “Fleet management tools can be customized to collect rich data insights that adapt to the needs of the

Remote truck driver training: Focus on what you want to teach

It’s easy to view a new process or technology as an all-or-nothing strategic move, but that’s not how remote driver training, for example, should be considered. “Don’t think of online training as something separate,” said Jane Jazrawy, co-founder and chief executive officer of CarriersEdge. “What you want to do is think of training as training.

Remote truck driver training Focus on what you want to teach
Fleetworthy Solutions adds online safety training from CarriersEdge

Transportation compliance service provider Fleetworthy Solutions has added online safety training from CarriersEdge to its portfolio of technology solutions to help truck fleets and drivers operate safely, efficiently and legally. “With recent events in the industry, this announcement comes at a crucial time when safety and following protocol is so critical to successful fleet operations

Inside Boyle Transport’s driver-centric training

In conjunction with a wide range of equipment and maintenance initiatives aimed at fostering and improving safety, Boyle Transportation is equally focused on its drivers. “We maintain a direct dialogue between our professional drivers and our safety and maintenance departments,” says Michael Lasko, manager of safety and quality. “In terms of technology, we have installed

CarriersEdge to offer vehicle inspection training courses

CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, has announced a full suite of vehicle inspection courses for both U.S. transportation companies and their drivers. “Industry statistics continue to show that many top violations related to brakes, lights and tires could have been easily avoided with proper pre-trip, en