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FleetWave Lite software launched to manage compliance headaches

Chevin Fleet Solutions has launched FleetWave Lite, a new edition in its fleet management software that manages over a million fleet vehicles and assets across 180 different countries. Specifically designed to simplify the fundamentals of fleet management, FleetWave Lite helps organizations move away from spreadsheets by consolidating key fleet data in one place. As a

Visible value that parts inventory software can bring to truck shops

It’s probably not a surprise that parts costs can account for a substantial portion of a fleet’s maintenance and repair expenses. What’s not often as apparent, however, is the cost of managing parts, and the ways that activity can be streamlined to generate savings and improve a service operation’s productivity and efficiency. “Fleet operations often

Chevin partners with Geotab reseller Advantage Asset Tracking

Chevin Fleet Solutions announced that it will work with New Jersey-based reseller Advantage Asset Tracking to promote and support the commercial side of its partnership with telematics provider Geotab. The mutually beneficial partnership will see a close working relationship between the two companies, sharing not only commercial opportunities for Geotab integrations and fleet management software

Chevin Fleet Solutions launches new website

Chevin Fleet Solutions is launching a new website. The company says the revamped website comes with a new brand identity that has been designed to appeal to businesses who want to use smart technology to enhance both fleet and business performance. You can visit the website here.

Eight common parts inventory headaches, and how to avoid them

It’s already enough of a headache to have to send a truck in for maintenance—pulling a truck from its route for an extended period of time is, of course, not a good recipe for making money with that asset. But if the shop doesn’t have the right part when the truck gets there? That headache

Parts inventory tips for your shop

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your fleet shop’s parts inventory system.

The path to paperless

Paperless maintenance management systems can save administrative time.

Leveraging parts inventory solutions to keep your heavy-duty shop organized

A well-organized shop is a well-run one, and one of the ways a well-run shop can set itself apart is with a strong inventory management system. Taking care of inventory properly can help you know whether you are stocking too many parts and ensure that you have the parts you need for the typical day’s

Chevin encourages ‘spreadsheet fleets’ to reduce risk through fleet management software

There are a number of businesses that still rely heavily on spreadsheets or paper-based reporting structures to manage their fleets according to fleet management software provider Chevin Fleet Solutions. Chevin states that it often encounters quite large fleets that still use dated processes and systems such as spreadsheets as the primary management tool. The limitations

Chevin introduces FleetWave Core

Chevin Fleet Solutions has introduced FleetWave Core, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package designed to support essential fleet, maintenance and compliance management responsibilities. FleetWave Core is a pre-configured version of the company’s FleetWave software. “Core is comprised of all the key tools and reports that most organizations will need to run an effective fleet operation, and

Chevin launches FleetWave Forms app

Chevin Fleet Solutions has unveiled a new data collection app, FleetWave Forms. According to Chevin, FleetWave Forms is a flexible tool allows users to custom-build data collection forms, and is built to replace manual or paper-based data collection form using mobile phones or tablets. Chevin’s form building software allows system administrators to create customized data

Chevin introduces new interface for FleetWave

Chevin Fleet Solutions has launched the first phase of its new user interface development for its FleetWave software. Features of the new interface, according to the company, include: A new log-in system that is fully compatible with any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone; The ability to white label screens with logos and background images for custom