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Low viscosity oil delivers on diesel engine durability

Could 10W-30 and 5W-30 diesel engine oil be a reality? (Hint: They already are.)

Citgo increases availability of Citgard at FleetPride Service Centers

Citgo is now the primary supplier of engine oil and other lubricants at all FleetPride Service Center locations across the country, the company announced. FleetPride’s Service Center has 44 locations spanning 25 states.  From now through July 31, FleetPride Service Centers is offering a $279.99 full-service oil change special to customers when they choose Citgard products

Where are we with FA-4 engine oil?

How are FA-4 oils doing in real-world applications? What kind of durability have they shown? Will FA-4 be available in more engines anytime soon? Let’s get to the answers.

Oil drain intervals, OEM recommendations and whether you should extend

Today’s heavy-duty diesel engines are fine-tuned, highly engineered power plants. They’re churning out more power at lower RPMs and using advanced lubrication technology. Manufacturer recommended oil drain intervals (ODI) are equally engineered to provide the best performance, and they’re aggressive. Check out the latest oil drain interval recommendations: Cummins: When operating in the average 5.5

Oil analysis: Is it really all about that base (number)?

Make no mistake: oil analysis is important. “Think of an oil analysis report as receiving a blood work report from your doctor. After all, engine oil is the life blood of any engine,” said Mark Betner, heavy-duty sales manager for Citgo. “The user of oil analysis needs to know what is tested, why it is

New oils lead to longer life

While many fleets may be looking at potentially extending their drain intervals beyond the engine OEM recommendations, those recommendations themselves are much longer now than they have been in the past. This trend has been ongoing for years, but recently got a boost from the introduction of the new API CK-4 and FA-4 oil categories.

The importance of oil drain intervals, used oil analysis

The appeal of extending your truck’s oil drain intervals beyond the manufacturer recommendations is easy to see: It’s both a cost-saving and time-saving measure, and it does make sense in a lot of applications. However, it’s important to remember that manufacturer oil drain intervals are set for a reason, and that while extending them may

An update on FA-4 oils

Market acceptance of FA-4 oils has been slow. “Less than 1% of the current overall heavy-duty engine oil market is using FA-4 oils at this time,” says Mark Betner, product manager of heavy-duty lubrication for Citgo. “In addition, one major engine manufacturer factory-fills with API FA-4 engine oil. The use of FA-4 engine oils is

Fuel economy and new engine oils

Engine oil makers weigh in on the new oil formulations to help meet EPA improved fuel economy standards.

Demistifying CK-4 and FA-4 oils: What you need to know about compatibility, and more

The most important thing that fleets need to know about CK-4 oils, according to Len Badal, global commercial brand manager for Chevron Lubricants, is that they are fully compatible, and there should be no concern if the two are mixed…