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Clore Automotive appoints new vice president of sales

The company says his invaluable experience and customer-centric approach make Dan Lucas right for the role.

Clore Automotive releases Jump-N-Carry 1100 peak amp 12V jump starter with air system

Clore Automotive has released a new 12-volt jump starter with air compressor, Model No. JNC550A, from Jump-N-Carry. This new portable power unit offers jump-starting capability in an ergonomic and convenient package, the company says. It comes equipped with an integrated air delivery system and delivers 1100 peak amps and 300 cranking amps of starting power.

Combating cold weather electrical issues

Proper preventive maintenance can go a long way toward eliminating battery and other electrical issues.

Clore releases battery charger for diesel engine reprogramming

Clore Automotive has introduced model PL6800, a 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 100/40/10A battery charger from SOLAR. The PL6800, according to Clore, is built to provide stable power on demand up to 100 amps to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming. The unit is also capable of providing full-service battery charging from

Clore Automotive releases new wheeled battery charger

Clore Automotive has released a 12/24-volt intelligent wheel charger, from Solar. The PL3760 provides three operational modes for service: auto charging mode, stable power mode and engine start assistance mode.

Clore Automotive releases Pro-Logix 100A flashing power supply from Solar

Clore Automotive introduces Model PL6100, a new 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 60/40/10A battery charger, from Solar.

Clore introduces rebate promotion

Clore Automotive has announced the “What’s in Your Garage?” Rebate promotion, which provides the opportunity for purchasers of certain Clore products to redeem for a Prepaid Visa Card when they purchase select Booster PAC, Jump-N-Carry and Solar battery service equipment SKUs between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. The rebate promotion includes excellent rebate rewards on a wide

Clore Automotive releases new jump starter with AGM batteries

Clore Automotive has introduced the HT1224AGM from Solar, an upgraded commercial jump starter that incorporates onboard AGM batteries and is built for spill-free convenience, longer cycling life and greater reliability. This jump starter, pictured right, provides 12 and 24 Volt jump starting capability, and the use of AGM batteries eliminates the damage caused by unit tipping when traditional flooded