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Case Study: New Cab Climate Solution Greatly Reduces Idling

Wheeler CAT Fleet Manager Scott Cline wanted to reduce the engine idle time racked up by the fleet’s service trucks when technicians were out on jobs.  Idle time was averaging 34% across the truck fleet, with some trucks hitting 50% idle time. The numbers were driving up fuel costs and increasing engine maintenance and downtime. 

Keep your cool this summer: Tips for maintaining your truck’s complete cooling system

As summer warms up, the increased temperatures places greater demands on truck cooling systems. Cooling systems, along with other powertrain systems, continue to grow more complex. While powertrain systems are amazingly robust, the increased complexity means it is more critical than ever to properly maintain these systems to avoid breakdowns and the accompanying downtime and

Alliance Truck Parts launches new coolant/antifreeze line

Alliance Truck Parts has added Nitrite-free Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and Nitrited Organic Additive Technology (NOAT) extended life coolant/antifreeze to its product line. Formulated for severe-duty applications, the new coolants are designed to reduce costs, according to the company, by improving heat transfer and water pump seal life and by providing long-term wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection for all cooling system components.

Spectra offers school bus radiators

Spectra Premium is now offering 25 radiators covering International and Freightliner bus applications. The OEM replacement plastic-aluminum radiators utilize a brazed seam with no gasket and feature tube wall thicknesses that are increased by 35% to improve tube to header joint longevity.

Penray introduces liquid tune-up

A new Penray Plus service kit includes a package of chemicals designed to restore vehicle engines to optimal performance and efficiency.

Prestone launches Rewards Program

Coinciding with Prestone Products Corp.’s recent introduction of its new Prestone Command Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant products, and to recognize channel partners, the company is announcing the new Prestone Command Rewards program.

Evans Cooling Systems marks endurance milestone

A 1990 Freightliner running on waterless engine coolant from Evans Cooling Systems has traveled one million miles in 23 years without requiring a coolant change, coolant fill or the use of supplemental additives.

Prestone unveils new heavy-duty coolants

Prestone said its new Prestone Command Heavy-Duty Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant provides CAT EC-1 protection for any diesel-powered heavy-duty engine with resistance to temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale and water-pump failure.

Thermo King produces 100,000th TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit

Thermo King recently celebrated the milestone production of its 100,000th TriPac auxiliary power unit. Introduced in 2005, the TriPac APU provides heating and cooling without idling the tractor engine – increasing sustainability, keeping drivers comfortable, delivering significant fuel savings and ensuring anti-idling compliance.

Auxiliary Power Unit Update

APUs are becoming commonplace, with more and more fleets either installing aftermarket units or opting for factory-installed units when ordering new trucks.

Greener options for refrigerated transport

Advancements in transport refrigeration unit (TRU) technologies make it possible for operators to improve environmental performance, reduce fuel consumption and improve cost structure.

Maintaining cooling systems

Reliable coolant products are an absolute necessity in order to prevent rust, dirt, scale and other contaminants from creating engine-damaging “hot spots” in a vehicle’s cooling system.