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APUs provide driver comfort without engines idling

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re manager of a trucking company in Vermont. Capitalizing on the insatiable demand for maple syrup that rages throughout the southeast United States, you maintain a lucrative seasonal business hauling freshly packaged bottles of the sweet treat to Atlanta, Ga., and returning with rolls of carpeting. Each 20-hour leg of the journey

Shell Rotella Ultra ELC leads revamped heavy-duty coolant portfolio

The new Shell Rotella heavy-duty engine antifreeze/coolant product portfolio is led by Shell Rotella Ultra ELC, an extended-life antifreeze/coolant for use in heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas-powered engines. ELCs are designed to go 600,000 or more on-highway miles and provide overall reduction in cooling system maintenance.

Horton’s DM Advantage two-speed reman fan drives solve overheating

Horton’s DM Advantage two-speed reman fan drives improve fuel savings and engine performance, reduce noise, increase available horsepower for auxiliary systems, minimize radiator abrasion from dust and debris, improve air conditioning performance and increase fan drive, tensioner and belt life.

Bar’s Leaks offers original formula heavy-duty stop leak

Bar’s Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak, the original pelletized formula that has protected hundreds of millions of vehicles worldwide since 1947, solves most common cooling system problems, sealing internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks in radiators, freeze plugs, gaskets, heads, blocks and heater cores, the maker said. It is specially formulated to seal larger leaks better than other stop leak products, the company added.

Cooling Systems: old maintenance problems, new technology

Manufacturers have addressed many cooling system problems, but regular maintenance is still important

Cooling Systems

The increased heat load generated by emissions controlled engines makes maintenance of cooling systems more critical than it was in the past

Cooling Systems: Problems & Solutions

Some while back, Bob Deierlein, our long-time research editor, wrote an article on cooling systems. In that article, he referenced some maintenance records of a large over-the-road fleet, which indicated that a substantial percentage of the fleet’s engine problems could be traced back to the condition of the truck’s cooling system. We published that article more than 20 years ago.