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Podcast: Talking truck tires with Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier

Beyond our recent cover story, here are a few more topics covered by Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier.

Executive Interview: Cooper Tire is sticking to the plan for its truck tires

When you set out to accomplish a goal, the most daunting part is the beginning. It’s looking at the blank piece of paper, the immaculately clear whiteboard, or the empty, recently rented office space, and realizing that it’s time to start building something—as soon as you figure out where to start. Once something’s in motion,

What goes into truck tire performance validation?

Cooper Tires pulls back the tire development curtain for a behind-the-scenes look.

Truck tire experts on regional application solutions

Fleet Equipment brought together seven tire manufacturers to talk about getting the best tire solution for regional applications.

Proper inflation means peak performance

As a best practice, fleets should utilize a properly calibrated pressure gauge at each wheel position to check tire pressure and adjust as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

The benefits built into truck tire sidewalls

Where the truck tire rubber doesn’t meet the road.

Protecting the tire bead means protecting the truck

Maintaining the proper levels of inflation in a truck’s tires is a crucial aspect of keeping drivers safe and the truck fuel-efficient. But there’s another, often overlooked reason to make pre- and post-trip tire inflation inspections part of a driver’s daily routine: protecting the tire bead.

Cooper Tire releases new Roadmaster steer tire

Cooper Tire has introduced the Roadmaster RM832 EM steer tire. The new tire is SmartWay verified and blends fuel efficiency with long miles to removal due to 18/32nds of tread depth, as well as an improved tread design and advanced rubber compound, Cooper says.

Understanding the truck tire compounding process

Commercial truck tires have basic ingredients. It all starts with a mixture of mostly natural rubber and/or some synthetic rubber, filler materials (typically carbon black and silica), waxes and oils as well as various chemical additives that promote elasticity, eco-friendliness and durability.

SmartWay tires: The smart choice

The title of this article says it all. If you’re not using SmartWay tires, you should be.

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Cooper Tire introduces Pro Series LHT trailer tire

Cooper Tire has introduced a new long haul trailer (LHT) tire, which completes the company’s Cooper Pro Series product lineup with fitments at each tractor/trailer wheel position.

Cooper Tire launches Severe series tire for construction trucks

Cooper Tire has released a new mixed service-wide base all-position (WBA) tire as part of its Cooper Severe Series lineup.