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The defense difference: How the Mack Defense Heavy Dump Trucks differ from the Granite

Mack Defense delivered to the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Reserve the first production M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks (HDT) to roll off Mack Defense’s new production line at the Mack Experience Center (MEC) in Allentown, Pa., on Sept. 23. The M917A3 HDT key and truck handover occurred during a ceremony at the MEC, following

Mack Defense Heavy Dump Truck
Crysteel Manufacturing introduces Aluminum Landscape bodies

Dump body and hoist manufacturer Crysteel Mfg. has introduced the Aluminum Landscape line. The new Aluminum Landscape bodies combine the strength and convenience of Crysteel’s  Landscape Tipper with the lighter-weight efficiency and durability provided by aluminum construction, the company said, adding that the lineup offers 13% more payload capacity compared to steel bodies. The Crysteel Aluminum Landscape line is

Crysteel releases new A-Tipper dump body

Crysteel Manufacturing has released a newly redesigned A-Tipper aluminum dump body. According to the company, the Crysteel A-Tipper, pictured above, is designed for contractors and municipalities that need strength, durability and lightweight efficiency. The A-Tipper features a strong crossmember-less understructure with 8-in. longsills and a ¼ integrated, tapered cabshield. The new design results in a weight reduction of 200 lbs.

Crysteel announces new aluminum landscape body

Crysteel Manufacturing Inc., a dump body, hoist, and platform manufacturer, has announced the release of a new Aluminum Landscape body (pictured). The new Aluminum Landscape body from Crysteel is designed to be lightweight yet strong and durable. The 12-ft. Aluminum Landscape body features a ¼-in. floor, 50 in. side door, pull action latch mechanism, two-piece barn door, unibody

Crysteel Manufacturing offers multi-function tailgate

Crysteel Manufacturing is offering the High ‘N Slide multi-function tailgate as a special feature available through the Crysteel Select dump body program. The High ‘N Slide tailgate offers traditional dump-through, sliding and high-lift functionality in a single tailgate, according to the manufacturer. Through a simple mechanical adjustment, the tailgate switches from high-lift, with 21-in. of

Crysteel Manufacturing redesigns dump body

Crysteel Mfg. unveiled the newly redesigned A-Tipper Aluminum dump body. The Crysteel A-Tipper has been redesigned with minimum welds, innovative features and a modern aerodynamic design, said the company. The Crysteel A-Tipper is designed for contractors and municipalities that need strength, durability and lightweight efficiency, according to Crysteel. The A-Tipper offers strength and added safety with

Crysteel Manufacturing offers Select custom dump bodies

Crysteel Manufacturing allows customers to design their own Select custom dump body without incurring the extra cost and time normally associated with custom designed products, according to the company. Select dump bodies are available in traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, in sizes ranging from five through 20-cu. yd. capacities. Further options are available for