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D-A Lubricant launches new look for PennGrade, PennGrade1

D-A Lubricant Co. announced a new look for its PennGrade Passenger Car Motor Oil and PennGrade1 High Performance Oil, a first since D-A acquired the PennGrade name and logo in 2015. The PennGrade Passenger Car Motor Oil lineup is now color coded to demonstrate the distinct levels of viscosities between the synthetic, full synthetic and

Diesel engine oil analysis cannot be overlooked

OEMs and oil providers agree: Fleets that aren’t taking advantage of used oil analysis are potentially setting themselves up for premature wear, added downtime and thousands of dollars in repairs. The fact is that used oil analysis provides invaluable information when it comes to knowing the health of your trucks’ components, as well as perfecting

The tale of the inefficient engine oil

What’s the scoop, you say? Use your senses, it’s this goop – goblets packed with greases, grails ladled to the brim with oils. It seems I have research to do be I to follow through with my pledge to make my truck engines run like new – this all with a little help from some

What to look for in heavy-duty engine oils

By utilizing top-tier base stocks and additives, many of today’s motor oils can also allow a fleet to extend oil drain intervals.

How much could you save by switching engine oil?

Ask any over-the-road fleet what makes up their largest annual cost and there’s a good chance you’ll hear the same answer again and again: fuel. Depending on the size of the fleet, it’s not uncommon for this price to reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. For these fleets, improving the

Lubricant companies are preparing for the future of trucking

If you watch movies like Blade Runner and Back to the Future Part II, set in 2019 and 2015, respectively, you know that the future has come and gone. Congratulations, we’ve made it. Ridley Scott and Robert Zemeckis might be great directors, but seeing as how there are no signs of flying cars draped in

How to increase diesel truck sustainability, efficiency via lubricants

Cleaner air. A better future for our children. Conservation of resources. Meeting regulation standards! You’ve heard it all before. Fleet managers want to be more sustainable too, but for someone running a fleet of trucks, you know being more sustainable typically comes at a cost. Instead of hearing those advantages, you hear: “Another trip to

The latest oil technologies keeping fleets efficient

If you haven’t updated your oil and lube regime lately, there’s a good chance you’re letting a significant amount of cash – ahem – slip away, in the form of less efficient trucks. Oils are constantly evolving, with lubricant companies coming up with new, advanced formulations that meet stricter standards and squeeze out better engine

Podcast: The importance of coolant maintenance in the winter

We are smack in the middle of winter, and for fleets, that means it’s time to get those winter maintenance checklists updated. If your trucks run in areas of extreme cold and snow it is a crucial month for maintenance on all components of the vehicle. Let’s zero in on one specific component today: coolant.

Podcast: Thoughts on engine oil, used oil analysis

November is Engine Month—at least, it is here on the Fleet Future podcast. For our first engine-focused episode, we spoke with Jim Salmon of D-A Lubricant Co., who talked about the new trends in engine oil, as well as the benefits of used oil analysis. Listen below for the full conversation, and catch up with

Tackling engine oil topics: FA-4, used oil analysis, transmission and axle greases, and more

Engine oil is more complicated than a viscosity number. We have a lot to get through, so let’s get to it. Read on to learn about FA-4 oils; the latest in engine oil technologies and advancements; the importance of used oil analysis; and the importance of using the right oils and greases throughout the rest

D-A Lubricants releases Reliant X-92 lubricant

D-A Lubricants has released Reliant X-92, a lubricant for multi-fueled fleet(s) containing diesel, gasoline and processed natural gas- (CNG/LPG/LNG) fueled engines. The company says it is designed for severe on- and off-highway applications and offers oxidative and thermal stability and durability; TBN retention; superior wear protection; and exceeds industry standards for deposit control. Reliant X-92