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DTNA Aftermarket launches Excelerator e-commerce platform

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has introduced Excelerator, an e-commerce platform that will be available in 2020. Excelerator links DTNA’s Dealer Management Systems to streamline the parts ordering process and improve fulfillment times. The Excelerator platform addresses the growing propensity for online parts ordering and simplifies the process by opening up access to DTNA’s parts

Daimler Trucks Financial introduces Dynamic Lease program

Daimler Trucks Financial has introduced the Dynamic Lease program, which enables pay-as-you-drive financing to match lease payments to billable miles. The program will be available in early 2020, debuting on the Freightliner Cascadia. This telematics-based financing option is powered by the embedded Detroit Connect Platform and debuts on the Freightliner Cascadia spec’d with Detroit engines.

Shop tips for focusing on customer satisfaction

OEM dealership programs drive efficiency and uptime—and their lessons go beyond dealerships.

How will electric trucks impact your service operation?

One of the biggest potential operational efficiency gain bullet points when OEMs and suppliers talk about electric trucks is the potential for less maintenance compared to diesel trucks. In theory, it might be true. Eliminate the diesel engine and a good amount of service headaches are gone. No oil changes to tackle, coolant leaks to

Foreseeing your parts inventory future: Reading the data tea leaves to streamline your stock

Peer into the stock truck parts crystal ball where your historic service data swirls with tomorrow’s parts need driven by your drivers’ operational habits, parts suppliers’ distribution channels, and the once dreamed-of, now near-reality predictive maintenance algorithms. There are riches to be reaped if you can leverage the information already at your fingertips to shave

Picking the right partner: OEM, Supplier channels

Not only is your parts selection important, but your choice of parts supplier also plays a huge role in your service success. OEMs and suppliers have been pumping big investments into their parts distribution network to make next day, or in some cases same-day, deliveries a reality. Daimler Trucks North America, for example, will open

Good, better, best parts—finding what fits your needs

The array of aftermarket part options runs the quality gamut from “it’ll work” to “it’ll last.” To determine the right part fix for your job, Corneliu Bogdan, Eaton’s director of aftermarket product strategy, recommends looking a few key metrics. “The age of the vehicle and the expected retention period for the asset has to be taken

Predictive maintenance is coming

“Machine learning.” It’s a phrase that’s cropping up more and more in conversations about data-driven solutions. In the heavy-duty service world, one of the ways it’s being employed is through predictive maintenance algorithms, complex strings of code that crunch your service data, analyze it and then give you recommendations based on probability models. Make no