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Three ways 6x2s are winning over fleets

Often times, any topic filled with apprehension can be seen in a new light thanks to a bit of old fashion education. There’s no clearer example of that than the growing interest in 6×2 axle configurations from fleets across the country. In the past, fleets had three main concerns with 6×2 axle configurations: 1. Traction;

Three ways 6x2s
Dana whitepaper explains managing higher torques associated with engine downspeeding

Dana Holding Corp. published a white paper for the commercial trucking industry that addresses the need for fleets and OE manufacturers to properly manage the higher driveline torques that are resulting from the increasing use of more fuel-efficient downsped engines. Titled “The Right Solution for Downsped Engines,” the paper is free and can be downloaded

The right solution for engine downspeeding

Engine downspeeding is growing in popularity among fleets looking to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel. By reducing the RPM of the engine, especially at highway cruising speeds, downspeeding allows the engine to cruise in its sweet spot, decreasing friction and increasing fuel efficiency. Current technology allows downsped engines to deliver a

Dana expands extended warranty plans for linehaul applications

Dana Holding Corp. announced that the company has broadened its Extended Protection Plan for drive axles used in on-highway linehaul applications by customers in the U.S. and Canada. Dana now offers optional warranty coverage beyond the standard five year/750,000 miles on select single drive and tandem drive axles used exclusively in linehaul applications, including the

Dana introduces new exhaust gas heat recovery technology

Dana Holding Corp. highlighted its Long Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery (EGHR) technology at IAA Commercial Vehicle 2014, which enables vehicle manufacturers to improve fuel economy by up to 3%, according to the company. Dana’s new technology enables customers to reduce friction in the engine, transmission and axle by redirecting exhaust heat to rapidly warm powertrain

Dana features innovations for improving fleet performance, fuel economy

This week at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014, Dana Holding Corp. will exhibit a comprehensive lineup of advanced technologies specifically engineered to help fleets get more pay out of their loads through better performance, increased fuel economy and improved durability, the company reported, including: • A new global family of single-reduction drive axles for vehicles with

Dana Global Drive Axle
Industry Perspectives with Dana Holding Corp.: Making vehicles more fuel-efficient, reliable, productive and cost-effective over the long term

Truck operations of all sizes must continue their quest for more efficient drivetrains that will help reduce total cost of ownership, and it’s easy to see how vehicle owners who achieve more fuel efficiency through engine down-speeding and lighter weight vehicles will be more strongly positioned to grow and to delight their shippers. According to

Kenworth Class 8 trucks available with Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle

Kenworth has added Dana’s Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle for new Class 8 pickup and delivery, regional haul and linehaul trucks equipped with the Kenworth AG380 or AG400L suspension. “The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle is an excellent, fuel-efficient addition for new Kenworth Class 8 trucks,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. “The AdvanTEK 40

Spicer AdvanTEK 40 Tandem Axle
Spec’ing suspensions and lift axles to meeting bridge formula laws, improve durability

Enacted by Congress in 1975 to limit the weight-to-length ratio of a vehicle crossing a bridge and to provide a consistent way to determine the maximum allowable weight that any set of axles on a vehicle may carry on the Interstate highway system, the Bridge Formula has had an impact on axle and suspension design

Tire Suspension Solutions SAF
The 6×2 cometh?

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the trucking industry. Take a second to compare the trucks of today to the trucks of 20 years ago … pretty staggering. Today’s heavy-duty haulers are churning out a seemingly limitless stream of data points, running automated transmissions and achieving eight miles per gallon and beyond in

Heavy Duty Truck 6x2 axle
Dana offers SPL 350 driveshaft, SPL 250 inter-axle shaft

Dana Holding Corp.’s SPL 350 driveshaft and SPL 250 inter-axle shaft are designed to withstand the increased stress placed on the driveline by high-efficiency; on-highway trucks with downsped engines, as well as severe vocational applications including heavy equipment, mining, oil fields and road trains. Delivering up to 35,000 Nm (26,000 ft.-lbs.) of torque capacity, the

Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle now offered by Peterbilt, Kenworth

Dana Holding Corp. announced that the Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle is now available for 2014 Peterbilt and Kenworth commercial vehicles. The Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle reduces vehicle weight by up to 400 lbs. when compared with a traditional 40,000-lb. 6×4 tandem axle arrangement, and it offers numerous innovations for reducing maintenance and increasing