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Three truck data trends that are important to understand

Here’s how the truck data landscape is shifting and why it’s important.

Time to take truck data rights seriously

Let’s get a hard data truth out of the way: You probably don’t own your truck’s data. You know those giant end-user license agreements (EULAs) that you scroll through and accept? Yeah, those are reason you don’t own your truck data. But you should have a say (a BIG say) in how that data is

Conversations that connect to trucking solutions

Understanding the latest truck technology and how data can be used to better your fleet practices is difficult. Here’s my trick: I talk with a lot of people who know way more about it than I do. Have enough of those conversations and some of that expertise tends to rub off on you. You start

Geotab conversations trucking solutions
What are your trucking data rights?

Data-driven solutions will soon predict when components on your trucks will fail based on your spec, duty cycle, application, driver behavior, service practices and more. These aren’t general predictions for all of the trucks on the road; they’re predictions tailored for you.

Trimble experts talk transparently about your toughest trucking questions

Fleet Equipment has gathered strategy experts from all throughout Trimble Transportation to answer your toughest questions about data, privacy, artificial intelligence and more.