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Truck service data: You have to act

Data isn’t going to do it for you.

Test your truck triage skills

Fleet service managers, start your diesel diagnosis engines!

Why are service costs going up when more data means better decisions?

The five most frequent repairs in Q1 2018 included tires, lighting, brakes, exhaust systems and wheels/rims/hubs and bearing systems.

Go from good to great with integrated fleet maintenance software

Integrated fleet software should be more than just a dot on a map.

Are you capturing the right data to support warranty claims?

You likely have service information gaps. Here’s what you can do about it.

What’s your heavy-duty truck service data responsibility?

Perhaps “responsibility” is too loaded of a word. Let’s not think of service data as another item on your To-Do List. Let’s call it something far more marketable—an opportunity. The telematics technology built into the trucks of the previous three, four, and even five years has created a vast “data lake” (toss that buzzword around

High-definition service solutions

Is it time to upgrade your system?

Your Fleet. Your Data.

For years, commercial vehicles have been outfitted with data-generating technology. Tracking fleet assets and equipment is a necessity for an efficient and functional operation. The heavy vehicle industry began adopting software and hardware systems as soon as it made sense. Remember when we integrated GPS? That was revolutionary for cutting down transport times. Once the

How heavy-duty product data standards drive truck repair times

Data management is integral to an efficient maintenance operation, but where is your parts data coming from, and how good is it? Simplifying the process reduces errors The parts supply chain is feeding parts information into inventory and maintenance management systems in so many different formats that it could be slowing you down. Not having

Truck aftertreatment data case study 2

Let’s run this scenario: A regen is needed as a truck is en route to its destination. You coordinate with your fleet manager, dispatch and your driver to schedule the needed regen. Everything has been communicated; you cross it off your to-do list and forget about it—until the truck rolls into one of your bays

Truck aftertreatment service data case study

Both the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) are pricey components, but the costs can be compounded if the DOC is left unattended and pushes you to replace the DPF more often than you should be. During aftertreatment service, you’ll want to inspect the DOC and look for evidence of aging,

What the right data can tell you about aftertreatment issues

You start to realize the power of data analysis when it starts to make your life easier, your decisions clearer. So let’s start with one of your biggest service pain points: aftertreatment systems. The words alone probably makes your stomach sink and your skin crawl, but they don’t have to. With the right data, you