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Donaldson updates Filter Minder Connect, previews additional capabilities to come

In a recent press event, Donaldson outlined new and upcoming updates to Filter Minder Connect, its solution for monitoring fuel filters and engine oil condition on heavy-duty truck engines. Among the updates Donaldson outlined are: Engine Oil Monitoring: This contains two components, one of which is a remaining useful life model that will help users

How application impacts filter usage

Like coolant, proper filtration is critical to engine health and performance. With that in mind, we reached out to filtration experts to track the latest engine filtration trends, and how application impacts filter usage. “Fleets have a lot of choices when it comes to engine filtration, but the best choice is a filter that meets

Getting the most out of your engine oil filter

Engines have evolved. Today’s diesel engines are more complex and efficient than ever before. With great evolution comes great components, and engine lubrication filtration has kept pace with engine technology. “Engine technology has evolved over the years, especially since the introduction of selective catalytic reduction [SCR]. The SCR system allows for more efficient combustion, a

Oil category PC-11 and the impact on filtration

The oil category, PC-11, driven by demand to meet federal greenhouse gas emissions regulations, will go in effect in 2017. The category has been in development for several years and oil filtration manufacturers continue to keep an eye on the situation. “With this new category, we expect to see some changes in the oil and

Oil filter maintenance do’s and don’ts

After talking with our cast of oil filter experts, including: Russ Bretell, training and technical sales manager for Cummins Filtration; John Gaither, director of heavy-duty design engineering for Luber-finer; Edward Covington, vice president of global quality for Wix Filters; and Veli Kalayci, manager of engine liquid products for Donaldson, we compiled the biggest “do’s and don’ts”

Clearing the (engine) air: Getting the most of your engine air filters

Proper engine air filtration helps engines perform at their best. When it comes to air filter servicing frequency, Steve Carter, air applications engineering manager for Donaldson notes, “Change your filter when your restriction measurement device tells you to do so. An air filter should be serviced when the restriction indicator shows that the maximum allowable