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ATA: Driver shortage remains near record high

American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello said the driver shortage has eased slightly, but remains near its all-time high. “Based on our estimates, the trucking industry is short roughly 78,000 drivers,” Costello said. “That’s down slightly from 2021’s record of more than 81,000–but still extremely high historically.” ATA calculates the shortage estimates by determining

Haul aims to make truck driver application process easier

Haul, a digital employment platform for CDL truck drivers that connects trucking companies with drivers, has adapted the truck driver application process and repackaged it into a mobile-first experience. For the first time, drivers can complete their FMCSA and DOT mandated application in less than 10 minutes, the company explained. Drivers download the Haul Driver

Is trucking telematics an answer to the driver shortage?

The supply chain crisis continues to rage on with experts anticipating issues to last into 2023. These challenges have been exacerbated by a record shortage of 80,000 drivers, as reported by the American Trucking Association. With cargo left at ports with no drivers to transport them, industry experts and government officials are searching for ways

ATRI outlines best practices for recruiting, training, and retaining younger adults

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released a new report that investigates how to best integrate younger adults aged 18 to 25 into trucking careers. This research, a top priority of ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee in 2021, synthesizes a variety of data and analyses including younger driver surveys, carrier interviews, and the latest workforce statistics. The research

Strategies for fleet managers to navigate the bumpy road ahead in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic turned on its head the way people look at trucking fleets and drivers. The world finally saw them through the lens of front-line heroes making sure deliveries of critical supplies arrived at hospitals and grocery stores. And later, when the first vaccines became available, truck drivers made sure they arrived at the

Dealing with truck driver difficulties: Three takeaways from ATA MCE 2021

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) set the tone for ATA MCE’s 2021 show when it announced that driver issues, including recruitment, retention and compensation, topped its annual survey of trucking industry issues for the fifth straight year. While that likely comes as no surprise, there was a feeling of restlessness around truck driver challenges

Truck driver shortage tops ATRI’s list of industry concerns, again

Driver-related issues dominated the Top Industry Issues report, recently released by the American Transportation Research Institute, a trucking industry not-for-profit research organization. This annual report identifies the industry’s key concerns, and the top five issues for 2021 were as follows: Driver shortage Driver retention Driver compensation Lawsuit abuse reform Lack of available truck parking More

How route optimization can help fleets overcome driver shortage struggles

In order to keep up with the complexity of the modern world’s supply chain and continue growing, fleets have to find ways of simplifying things for ourselves and our people; ways of cutting through the noise and getting straight down to brass tacks so we can get where we want without wasting time or effort

Next Generation in Trucking Association partners with schools to train diesel techs, truck drivers

A recently launched non-profit, The Next Generation in Trucking Association, announced new school partnerships to provide CDL driver and diesel technician programs for young adults in Kentucky, Wisconsin and California. The group was started by members of the trucking industry to engage the next generation of trucking industry professionals by partnering with both public and

Four truck trends from 2018 and whether they will continue into 2019

The dawn of a New Year often serves as a good time to take look back at the last year and then turn our eyes forward to the year that’s coming. With the help of Brian Holland, president and chief financial officer at Fleet Advantage (a consulting firm that works with fleets to determine the

Driving from a distance: The potential of remote piloting as a solution to the driver shortage

Now that we’ve moved past wondering whether the future includes automated trucks, it’s time to drill down to the specifics of what this will look like when these automated trucks are on the road. The initial automated trucks we see on the road will likely be Level 3 or 4—which are mostly autonomous but still

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Watch: Let’s talk drivers, equipment and the driver shortage

 Let’s talk equipment and drivers. American Transportation Research Institute pointed to the driver shortage as the industry’s top concern. As the many of the Class 8 OEMs rolled out their new trucks over the past two years, driver comfort and productivity was a top focus. New cabs, new creature comforts and new uptime solutions