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How tech-driven CalArk supports driver safety, reduces operational costs

When it comes to integrating the latest technology the trucking industry, CalArk is as tech-savvy of a transportation company as they come. Since its founding in 1975, CalArk has grown its operation to include more than 600 trucks between its two operating companies–CalArk International and Central Hauling Company. What originated as a full truckload carrier

Severe weather alerts now part of Drivewyze Safety+

Drivewyze is now providing real-time weather warnings as part of its Drivewyze Safety+ proactive driver notification platform. Drivewyze has integrated its technology with trusted weather data partners to pinpoint extreme or severe weather occurrences in the U.S., giving drivers time to slow down, alter routes, or pull over in severe weather cases. Severe Weather Alerts

Drivewyze, Verizon Connect partner to offer connected truck services

Drivewyze recently announced it has partnered with Verizon Connect, a provider of fleet management technology, to provide Verizon Connect Reveal customers with integrated access to Drivewyze weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety+ services. With this integration, Verizon Connect customers can access Drivewyze through the Verizon Connect marketplace, allowing vehicle and driver data to automatically sync to Drivewyze applications.

What’s a truck e-inspection and how does it work?

Truck technology advancements hold a multitude of opportunities and one major, common challenge: Change. What sounds great in theory takes a lot of time and energy to turn into a reality. Consider electronic inspections for trucks at weigh stations. Certainly digital vehicle inspection reports are well known to fleets, but when a truck pulls into

Drivewyze expands e-Inspections states to expedite roadside inspections

The number of states participating in Drivewyze’s electronic inspections (e-Inspection) pilot program to expedite the inspection process at weigh stations continues to grow. California and Nevada have joined Kansas, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah in allowing Drivewyze e-Inspection technology to automate time-consuming elements of traditional in-station inspections at select weigh stations. With participation from

Drivewyze expands e-Inspection initiative: Seven states now using automation

Drivewyze, operator of a large public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, announced expansion of its e-Inspection program, with seven states now offering pilots to expedite In-Station Inspections. Vermont now joins Kansas, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Utah in allowing Drivewyze e-Inspection technology to automate time-consuming elements of traditional In-Station Inspections at select

Drivewyze, Samsara partner to streamline driver onboarding experience

Drivewyze has partnered with Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, to streamline the driver onboarding experience. By having an administrator enter their Samsara credentials, vehicle and driver data from Samsara will automatically sync to Drivewyze PreClear and Drivewyze Safety+ applications to simplify the driver onboarding process. “Activation is very easy and simple with no

Drivewyze adds weigh station bypass service in Iowa

Drivewyze Inc. has announced the addition of weigh stations in Iowa for bypass opportunities. With seven Drivewyze-enabled weigh stations in Iowa, Drivewyze PreClear is now available in 49 states and provinces – providing bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations. The new sites in Iowa include: •  I-80 WB in Avoca, near Omaha, Neb. •

Drivewyze adds weigh station bypass in Wyoming

Drivewyze has announced the addition of weigh stations in Wyoming for bypass opportunities.  The Wyoming addition opens up Drivewyze PreClear to 48 states and provinces with bypass opportunities in more than 800 locations. Two sites – one along I-25, and the other on I-80, will be activated by the end of August. Three more sites

FleetHunt Technologies partners with Drivewyze for PreClear weigh station bypass integration

FleetHunt Technologies, a provider of fleet management systems, GPS tracking and ELD solutions, has partnered with Drivewyze to offer its ELD solutions with Drivewyze PreClear’s subscription-based weigh station bypass service and Drivewyze Safety+. Drivewyze provides FleetHunt Technologies customers the ability to receive bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations in 47 states and provinces, plus

Drivewyze announces open enrollment for weigh station e-inspections

Drivewyze has announced open enrollment for automated electronic e-Inspections at weigh stations in three participating states. Software activation is free for Drivewyze PreClear customers, and available through participating Drivewyze ELD partners. “This is the beginning of streamlining inspections, which is a major win for fleets and drivers, plus for those in law enforcement,” said Brian

Taking advantage of truck driver safety technology

Truck driver safety and training solutions have grown astronomically this year. With truck drivers being more remote than ever due to the pandemic, an increased focus on safety came with it. Connected telematics alert you to unsafe operation, in-cab cameras let you peer into the situation in and around the truck and training platforms let

truck driver safety training technology