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How the right brake drum spec can boost safety, fuel efficiency

It’s easy to take brake drums for granted. The tried-and-true braking component has been a staple of truck safety systems for decades, but that doesn’t mean that brake drum technology hasn’t advanced. In fact, you’d be surprised how much you can impact fuel efficiency with the right brake drum spec. “Fleet managers have a tremendous

Let’s talk heavy-duty truck brake friction

While Air Disc Brake market penetration has pushed into the tractor and trailer segments at approximately 20% (Give or take 5% either way depending on who you talk with), the majority of trucks on the road still use drum brakes. The first major difference between disc and drum brake friction is heat. Disc brakes operate,

Replacing wheels and drums: Preventative maintenance program insight for long service life

Is there any fleet manager who isn’t interested in minimizing his fleet’s operating costs but doesn’t understand that he needs to utilize every bit of service life out of his equipment that’s economically possible? That’s true, of course, for trucks, tractors and trailers, but it’s also true for the parts that make up a fleet’s

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