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Purkeys consolidates liftgate charging systems

Purkeys consolidated all of its TC products into two liftgate charging systems. By consolidating to the Select and the Direct, Purkeys has made it easier for fleets to find the right solution to their liftgate battery needs, said the company. Both systems improve charge time by utilizing a DC/DC converter, which boosts the voltage available at

Anderson Power Products offers SB Environmental Boot

Anderson Power Products (APP), a high power interconnect solutions, announced a new addition to the SB Environmental Boot series, with the release of their SB 50 Environmental Boot. Ideal for a wide range of applications both indoors and out, the SB Environmental Boots’ soft shell provides water, dirt, chemical and UV protection to SB 50

DAVCO offers cold weather solutions

DAVCO Technology, to help eliminate fuel gelling, offers coolant and electric fuel heating options with the Fuel Pro 382 and Fuel Pro 483. The coolant heat feature available with the Fuel Pro 382 or Fuel Pro 483 uses engine coolant to warm the fuel while the truck is in operation. DAVCO also has two electric

How to install an inverter

In Purkeys‘ latest blog post, “How to install an AC/DC inverter,” Dude Drake, Purkeys technical and sales specialist, shows fleet service managers how to install Purkeys’ 1200+ 11.8v inverter. Drivers often use devices like laptops, microwaves and other appliances to help them adjust to life on the road. Purkeys notes that these activities require an

Eaton introduces DC to AC inverter

Eaton has added a new DC to AC inverter to its lineup of products for the commercial vehicle industry. The new Eaton Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces either 1,000 or 1,800 watts of AC power output from a standard Class 8 DC vehicle battery and can be used to power phone chargers, computers, heaters, microwaves,

Leveraging the efficiency of air and coolant heaters

One of the biggest demands for power comes in the form of heating sleeper cabs. Espar manufactures diesel-fueled bunk/cab heaters, as well as engine pre-heating options. Espar options are available through every truck manufacturer and are utilized by manufacturers like Thermo King and Bergstrom. “Fleets are starting to realize these same idle-reduction savings opportunities also

Idling control options insight

When considering idling-reduction options, a start-stop solution that manages idle time could be ideal for fleets. Idle Smart is an automated engine start-stop system that provides year-round cab comfort and maintains fleet uptime by keeping batteries charged and engines warm. Compatible with most makes and models, Idle Smart’s system continuously monitors interior and ambient temperatures to

Implementing idling-reduction solutions to save money, meet regulations

As truck equipment advances to meet high-efficiency expectations, increased regulations demand more attention from fleet managers who already have their hands full meeting schedules and keeping trucks running. Idle regulations, for example, can be one of the most challenging regulations to keep up with, as they vary from city to city and state to state.

Phillips Industries offers liftgate dual pole installation/conversion kit

Phillips Industries now offers a complete kit for a liftgate dual pole installation or a single to dual pole conversation. Fleets are seeing an increasing need to have a ground return system versus a chassis ground system for the supplemental power requirements of liftgates, said Phillips Industries. Liftgates that use single pole systems are grounded

Waytek expands OEM electrical component offering

Waytek Inc. has added the Blue Sea Systems product line to its OEM electrical component offering. Blue Sea Systems designs and manufactures AC and DC electrical system equipment engineered for specialty emergency, industrial machinery, construction machinery and agricultural equipment applications. “More than 75% of Blue Sea Systems products are hand assembled in Bellingham, Wash. and

Training to avoid CSA lighting citations

More technical training courses and constructive support for avoiding potential FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) violations are two specific parts and service examples being brought forward to fleet management members by Truck-Lite. In response to fleet managers and truck technicians, the company developed online training modules on lighting and harness, basics in electricity, lighting fundamentals,

Phillips Industries enters distribution agreement with Innotec Group

Phillips Industries entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Innotec Group earlier this year. The agreement combines Innotec’s Boardfree products with Phillips’ STA-DRY trailer harnesses. Boardfree LED products will be sold under the Permalite XT brand name. Boardfree in-mold technology is a process that eliminates the need for a traditional printed circuit board resulting in a thin light