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Volvo Trucks introduces interior, exterior LED lighting options

According to Truck-Lite Co., the optional LED headlamps from Truck-Lite Co. available on the Volvo VNL and VNX models improve visibility through an expanded beam pattern and light coloring similar to daylight. The headlamps also feature a lens coating to resist hazing and yellowing. Standard interior LED lighting on Volvo VNM, VNL, VNX, VHD and

Volvo Trucks LED light
Rotary Lift lighting solutions for all vehicle lift users

Rotary Lift is shedding some light on the vehicle repair process with Tech Lights, a new line of LED shop lights. The Rotary Lift Tech Lights series offers lighting options that can be adapted to meet a variety of service bay needs, according to the company. Each light comes with mounting clips that are magnetic, so

Wagner Lighting introduces advanced LED sealed beam headlamps

Federal-Mogul’s Wagner Lighting brand has introduced LED sealed beam replacement headlamps for commercial applications and some passenger vehicles. According to Wagner Lighting, the new LED lamps, available through any Wagner Lighting distributor or retailer, help dramatically improve driving visibility in a full range of operating conditions. The company states that the new lamps’ bulb-free LED

EnerSys introduces Group 65 battery to Odyssey Performance Series

EnerSys has expanded its Odyssey Performance Series battery product offering to include the Group 65 battery designed specifically for consumer applications. The Odyssey Performance Series 65-760 battery features 762 cold cranking amps (CCA), 129 reserve capacity (RC) minutes and deep cycle capability up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Engineered with thin plate

EnerSys Group 65 Battery
Philips Automotive debuts LED stop, tail and back-up lighting

A new line of X-tremeVision LED Exterior Lighting from Philips Automotive North America provides applications for stop, tail and back-up lighting. The Philips X-tremeVision LED Exterior bulb replacements use LEDs to deliver five times more light output than standard 1156, 1157 and 921 incandescent bulbs. Designed as direct replacements for original equipment, the LEDs re-fit

Good preventative maintenance can cure CSA headaches

Ever since the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration launched its initiative called Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) there has been increased attention to the condition of over-the-road equipment. Everyone wants to avoid problems during a roadside inspection because every infraction will be reported to the FMCSA and made public via the Internet. According to some fleet

Avoiding CSA Headaches Violations
EnerSys adds to ODYSSEY battery product line

Group 34 and Group 78 batteries from EnerSys have been added to the company’s ODYSSEY Performance Series product line. In addition, the ODYSSEY Performance Series Group 65 battery (65-760) will become available in January 2014. Designed for commercial vans and other vehicles, the ODYSSEY Performance Series 34-790 and the ODYSSEY Performance Series 78-790 batteries feature

Empowering components: Electrical products play an vital role in the truck’s operation

Whenever you talk about batteries, you have to talk about the electrical systems and the components they power. While the latest technology and devices might come to mind, electrical products such as starters, alternators, EGR valves, ignitions, sensors, turbo actuators, engine control units and headlamps play an vital role in the truck’s operation and have

Harnessing the power: Spec’ing batteries to meet today’s electrical system demands

The demands placed on today’s fleets are staggering. In addition to increased efficiency demands on the mechanical side, computer systems, ECUs, GPS, iPhones, TVs, reefer units and countless other innovations tax the truck’s electrical system. The electrical demands are more than ever in history, and demand for voltage is not going away—it’s going to grow.

Heavy-duty Truck Sleeper Batteries
Phillips PERMALITE XB interior trailer lamp now 30% brighter

Available for new trailers and for retrofit on existing trailers, according to the company, the new PERMALITE XB, with a 1600 lumen output, produces a 175-degree light spread.

Factory-installed inverters are a must have for many fleets

In Joe Egan’s office, a framed picture shows a long-haul tractor, or more precisely, its charred remains. “It’s not one of our trucks, but it illustrates what can happen when an electrical fire is caused by a bad inverter installation,” he says. “It gives a visual reminder to any driver who comes into my office what can happen if an inverter isn’t installed correctly.”

Extending battery life cycles

A proactive approach to battery maintenance can extend battery life, improve battery performance, reduce maintenance costs and drastically reduce the money spent on new batteries and old battery disposal.