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LEDs: Lighting the way in today’s fleets

LED lights are more expensive up front, but according to lighting experts, buyers get their money’s worth. The good news is that LED lighting products typically last many times longer than their incandescent counterparts, but they are also about twice the cost. Luckily, the ROI is easy to see. “LED lighting technology has become standard

Trimble announces SmartDelivery final-mile delivery mobile solution

Trimble has introduced its SmartDelivery solution, which combines electronic proof of delivery, routing and fleet mobility technology to help customers provide cost-effective delivery services. According to the company, benefits of Trimble SmartDelivery include the following: ● Reduces costs of delivery, increases delivery accuracy and provides real-time activity data; ● Provides single sign-on capabilities to enable

Eaton announces hybrid regenerative accessory drive

Eaton has announced it is developing a 48-volt mild hybrid electrically regenerative accessory drive. The system, which includes an inverter and a power takeoff assembly (PTO) with an electric motor and integrated AC compressor, features a 48-volt motor that charges the vehicle’s batteries, can run the air conditioner (AC), and replace the alternator in linehaul commercial

Battery technology is evolving; here’s the proof

Lost in the discussion of electrification, Lithium Ion batteries and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries is the fact that most diesel truck fleets are still using the industry standard flooded lead acid batteries. All OEMs are still using this traditional battery technology as standard, and fleet managers still hold batteries as one of the top

Solar: Charged batteries and more full fuel tanks

  Fleet owners and managers are under pressure to control costs, improve productivity and abide by anti-idle regulations, and solar technology is proving to be a viable solution to the growing list of challenges. Today’s solar solutions are an integral part of non-refrigerated and refrigerated fleet operations within the transport industry. When fleets integrate solar products,

Maxxima introduces MaxxHeat heated-lens LED lamps for commercial vehicles

Maxxima has introduced the MaxxHeat series of LED headlamps and stop/tail/turn lights for commercial truck, bus, and trailer applications. The lights come with a microprocessor that automatically initiates the lens heating system when the outside air temperature drops below 50°F. MaxxHeat is available on Maxxima Vionic LED headlights in three sizes: 4 x 6 in., 5 x 7 in., and 7-in. diameter; and

ASA Electronics introduces new Voyager camera

ASA Electronics is adding the VCMS20B full color camera to its line of heavy-duty Voyager observation equipment. According to the company, the VCMS20B uses a 1/3-in. CMOS sensor and 19 LED lights to help deliver a high-quality, full-color image even in low-light conditions. Other features include aluminum housing that is corrosion resistant with an IP69K waterproof rating

EnerSys offers Odyssey battery, electrical system analyzers

EnerSys has expanded its Odyssey battery offering to include advanced battery and electrical system analyzers. Available for heavy-duty and automotive applications, the testers offer a Smart HTML PC interface and feature single load, dynamic resistance technology for accurate results; a Speed Check to test battery packs, solo batteries and electrical systems quickly; and a printer for a

Upgrading LED hazard, warning strobe lights

To ensure the visibility and safety of everyone on the road, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) mandates that vehicles such as construction, utility, tow and snowplow trucks are equipped with hazard and warning lights. Whether roof-mounted beacons or directional surface mounted to the vehicle’s body or grill, these flashing strobe lights to capture the

Shining a light on used trailer electrical systems

Lighting is often cited as one of the biggest CSA violations—and it’s easy to see why. Or not see, in the case of lighting that is inoperable. You’ll want to closely inspect the electrical system integrity of a used trailer. It starts with the cables, wiring and lighting components that are exposed to the elements.

Maxxima introduces two LED STT/BU strip lights for trucks and trailers

Maxxima has introduced two sizes—48- and 60-in. lengths—of flexible hybrid auxiliary stop-turn-tail/backup LED strip lights for trucks, trailers, buses, and other vehicles. The two combo STT/BU strip lights can be applied to the rear of any vehicle to produce bright white and red lighting for increased visibility during braking, turning, backing up and whenever the

Optronics adds new surface-mount LED scene light

Optronics International has introduced the new UCL41 Series Scene Light. Optronics says that the new lamp is the first of a new style of directional scene lighting that casts a more focused beam of LED light in a direction that can be accurately defined simply by its placement, using 12 diodes and advanced optical engineering